A section for all site-wide announcements, feedback and introductions.

General Politics

For anything and everything relating to politics.

The Bonfire (Controversial Topics)

Discuss any controversial or heated topics in our Bonfire – this section will be loosely moderated, but please keep it civil!

Sociology, Culture & Religion

Share and discuss your opinion on social, cultural or religious matters.


Debate different economic policies, problems and potential solutions with other members, or try to get to grips with how it all works!

Environment, Science & Technology

Release your inner geek and discuss all topics concerning the environment, science and technology.

Special Political Events

Special section dedicated to major political events, usually important election cycles.

The Lounge | Off-Topic Chat

General "catchall" area for topics that don't fit into any of our other categories.

2500 A.D. - A Space Epic

This category is for all roleplaying for the 2,500 A.D., A Space Epic roleplay.

Blood & Iron RP

Category for the Blood & Iron alternative history RP.