03/04 Cobras


Can a 03/04 Cobra run tens with a pully change? I have the new Mustang and fast Fords magazine and I swear they can from what i read?



Mid to high 12’s for stock pully and stock tires.

z06 killer
R/T: .001 “.000 is perfect”
60’: 1.61
330’: 4.68
1/8: 7.20 @ 97.36
1/4: 11.21 @ 122.11 with stock 3.27 gt gear on the limiter at the traps(3rd gear)

Stock Blower and no spray

want some more?


yea high 12’s for most… the fastest I’ve “heard” of on a stock Cobra was 12.4 but the general fast stock time is like 12.7

I’ve heard of a stock pullied car in low 11’s I think but he was a full bolt-on other than pullies… maybe he hit 10’s?


I am going to post this Cobra that did 9. sumpthin at 145 mph in the1/4 as soon as I bring the magazine home. It lists his mods I dont think that he did much to his car other than pulleys and a new throttle body.


lol, im sure its not the stock blower…


or suspension, or weight, or rearend, or god i can go on for a while. :banana


If you want a mid to high 11 second car dirt CHEAP, well as far as mods go, then a Cobra is the way to go. If want to go quicker than that, a Cobra is not a cheap option.

I just can’t see spending all that money on an FI factory vehicle, then actually having to mod it to run 11’s. It’s already FI for christ sake, you’d think it’d run 11’s from the factory.


How well do you think it would do with slicks vs street tires??


I think it would do better with the street tires, considering that if you put slicks on a Cobra, you’ll rip the rear end out of it and go spinning down the track.

HAHAHA…The joys of the IRS.


The Cobra on radials or slicks is good enough to kiss 11.9’s.


sean kelly, who finished 2 in that shoot out is my roommate… he has done alot of things that people said weren’t possible with his cobra… just like running the time he did with a stock block. i know it says built by SteenRacing, but it was just freshened up and had all the stock parts still in it… the guy who got first had a fully built motor… keep your eye out, thats not the last time you will see his name out there…