03Cobra VS. Srt4 need i say more




of course the cobra would WHIP HIS ASS!!! lol


O yeah. Why would the NEON even try. :lol


cause most all neon drivers think they’ve got a car right outta F&F


:funnah Yup


I agree why would a SRT even think they have a chance against a Cobra ??? :dunno :dunno


Yea seems kinda pointless to me too unless you had like 10 g’s in your engine alone then you might have a chance. :owned


I got the “super fast” SRT-4 going around town on tape the other night. I’ve heard it’s a stage 2 whoopty dooo whooo machine. He had some pimp ass BFG’s on stilley’s and was running some major 9.00000’s.


What in the 1/8th. :barf


Hay ram weres pic of your car ???


I dont know how to get it on my sig. :dunno


Post a pic and well figure out the sig later >>>>>> Catch Tim for that one he made my Sig :banana :banana


Thats what im trying to do but i cant figure how to get it down to :tard 44 kb.


did you right click on the pic and then go to properties ??? copy that and place it between these


damnit i cant figuer it outtttt!!! :wtf :dunno


are you trying to set it on your profile ???


it said it has to be a jpeg or gif or something like that.


that was awsome srt didnt stand a chance


I loved how the person who made the video put in the credits that he was the cameraman in the NEON! Great video. Still seemed like a pretty quick little SRT-4 though.


hmm well i figured that one out :rock now to get them in ma sig. :dunno