05 Ford Mustang GT drift car


i was watching Formula D, which is a drifting series, on G4 and seen this bad as hell 05 Mustang GT drift car owned by Ken Gushi. figured some of you Mustang people may (or may not) like it. anywho, here is a link to pics and mods done to it:



i think it is cool but not for me…


ok… why is there a mustang in a drifting comp?

FWD cars pwn in this type of racing, so why is there a RWD???

i havent seen it run, but it just doesnt make sense to me… :dunno


rear wheel drive owns drifting


well, ok…

dragstrip gets owned by rwd… :gears


The Stang was lookin pretty badass but then I saw the wing. I know its a functional wing but man it just looks ricer to me.


PROFESSIONAL drifting is done in RWD cars and NOT FWD cars. sure you can do it in a FWD but its not as fun IMHO. if you think that was weird to see, theres a guy that goes by the name Bubba Drift that has an El Camino in the Formula D drift series that competes VERY well. he has an LS1 out of a 98 Corvette (or whatever the fuck they come in). heres a link to the pic of Bubba Drift:


heres a link to a pic of Ken Gushi in his Mustang doing pairs drifrting against Rys Millen in his Pontiac GTO:


he beat Rys Millen at that event. :slight_smile:


oh ok