100 people that are screwing up America


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Starting at #1:

Michael Moore

Arthur Sulzberger

Ted Kennedy

Jesse Jackson

Anthony Romero

Jimmy Carter

Margaret Marshall

Paul Krugman

Jonathan Kozol

Ralph Neas

Noam Chomsky

Dan Rather

Andrew Heyward

Mary Mapes

Ted Rall

John Edwards

Al Sharpton

Al Gore

George Soros

Howard Dean

Judge Roy Moore

Michael Newdow

The Unknown American Terrorist

Lee Bollinger

James Kopp

Dr. Martin Haskell

Paul Begala

Julian Bond

John Green

Latrell Sprewell

Maury Povich

Jerry Springer

Bob Shrum

Bill Moyers

Jeff Danziger

Nancy Hopkins

Al Franken

Jim McDermott

Peter Singer

Scott Harshbarger

Susan Beresford

Gloria Steinem

Paul Eibeler

Dennis Kozlowski

Ken Lay

Barbara Walters

Maxine Waters

Robert Byrd

Ingrid Newkirk

John Vasconellos

Ann Pelo

Markos Moulitsas

Anna Nicole Smith

Neal Shapiro

David Westin

Diane Sawyer

Ted Field


Shirley Franklin


Michael Savage

Howard Stern

Amy Richards

James Wolcott

Oliver Stone

David Duke

Randall Robinson

Katherine Hanson

Matt Kunitz

Jimmy Swaggart

Phil Donahue

Ward Churchill

Barbara Kingsolver

Katha Politt

Eric Foner

Barbara Foley

Linda Hirshman

Norman Mailer

Harry Belafonte

Kitty Kelley

Tim Robbins

Laurie David

The Dumb and Vicious Celebrity

The Vicious Celebrity

The Dumb Celebrity

Chris Ofili

Sheldon Hackney

Aaron McGruder

Jane Smiley

Michael Jackson

Barbara Streisand

Kerri Dunn

Richard Timmons

Guy Velella

Courtney Love

Eve Ensler

Todd Goldman

Sheila Jackson Lee

Matthew Lesko

Rick and Kathy Hilton

Ummm… Jimmy Carter?[/url]


Barbara Walters? I never realized her cupcake interviews would lead to the eventual downfall of America.


Anna Nicole Smith? what has she ever done to deserve being on this notorious list? She showed her Boobers thats very patrioctic!


Re: RE: 100 people that are screwing up America



Re: RE: 100 people that are screwing up America

OMG!! She gets on my very last nerve soooo bad! “You like my body?” Aghhhhh thats so annoying!


Is was a hot babe. I think is was a pig then and is still a pig now. You have girls that want to be just like her and thats how is messing up the USA.


I saw this guy on the 700 club pimping his book. Even Pat Robertson said
Anna Nicole smith had bodacious Tatas. :rofl :rofl :rofl


Re: RE: 100 people that are screwing up America

OMG!! She gets on my very last nerve soooo bad! “You like my body?” Aghhhhh thats so annoying![/quote]

While Anna definitely needs rehab, is one of the most annoying people on this planet, and still weighs plenty more than me looking that hot (makes me sick!), I wouldnt say shes screwing up America.

If you dont want to see her, dont turn on E! If you dont want to be like her, dont do drugs!!! If you do want to be like her, then God help you…LmAo!!!

The one I dont get is:

Maury Povich??? I always liked him. Its been quite awhile since I’ve stayed home and have been able to watch talk shows, but I always though of him as one of the ones that try to help???