13 Reasons Why Chrome Edition


let’s talk bout sum females, k?

((no seriously, if you guys are down for a good cringe fest, this watch this guy’s videos in chronological order. it’s great))


@Martina I think you’d be interested. He makes some very good points


@Cameron too


You know nothing about me.




Do you have anything to add that is not pointless shitposting?


Do you have anything to add that is not autistic whining?


I guess you do not.


Of course he refers to them as females.




What’s a female?


A fascinating creature


Something you’ll never be inside.


Same could be said for you fam


> when Fascists try to BTFO you.


Would not blitzkrieg with.


Dunkin donuts, goddamnit man the thumbnail alone is cringey.


Things in parentheses are youtube annotations.

Hey guys…and gALS

This is Darth Kenobi11, and I’m here to tell you about why I am a MAScuLINist. (It’s like the OPPOSITE of a feminist!)

Um…well…after an unpleasant interchange at my Dunkin Donuts this morning, I have come to the conclusion that it is not men who are the oppressive force in our society. NAY, It is the females. Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a sexist. I think that females are beautiful and fascinating creatures, and I would love to have one of my own. But females, we have given you all the stops: we have given you the right to vote; we have given you education. I mean… you keep hearing about all these strong female leaders like Michelle Obama and Monica Lewinsky, and yet you claim that women aren’t equal to men? Yeah, well, you’re not. And you know why? Because you women continue to persecute us man, and I think YOU know what I’m talking about. FeMALES, if you want to be taken seriously as a political entity, then you have to stop friend-zoning us nice guys. I mean seriously, when you friend-zone perfectly nice guys who care about you, you’re just emBARRassing yourself. Um… I mean, no matter how many compliments I give you, you still won’t go out with me. How selfish is that??? So females, until you can see men as people with their own feelings, their own desires, how can you say that we’re equal? How can WE give YOU any respect?

This is Darth Kenobi11 signing o-- outro music

Idk why I made a transcript. Fuck it, I did it.

It’s kinda obvious he can’t get in a relationship (I wonder why?? He seemed like a very nice dude. I think he is a very beautiful and fascinating creature) and is just salty af.

I mean, I guess towards the end you could kinda see a potentially decent argument forming out that society as a whole is less cognizant of the feelings of men, but even then it’s a bit of a stretch…


You all need pussy




This reads like badly realised satire