13 Reasons Why Chrome Edition


delet this


you and i both know it isn’t


i don’t know if that’s better or worse either


Hey bandy did you know I think you’re a very beautiful and fascinating creature?

Jesus christ… i just complemented you so much. Why are you not going out with me yet?

This is why women arent taken as a serious political entity. but YOU women still have the pwower to persecute us


it’s the lounge


wtf is this thread


shit-tier bait


This is the lounge?


A microcosm of YD.


a shit post thread that people are commenting on for some reason


Look at which category it is in





this should be an introductory guide


like I’m really gonna waste 10 mins watching one of your lame vids, think again my friend


it’s only 3 minutes tho…


3 mins too long for my busy life


Yes, but the time it takes for @Martina to comprehend the big words makes it 10.


I’m not trying to prove anything. I just think you’d be interested in this as it provides very good arguments for you.


how about just trying to prove it yourself instead of relying on someone elses’ work