15 New games added


Artisan has suggested, and we have added, 15 more games to the arcade. You can check them about below.

Arcade Room


oh boy! more and more. i stil havent played all of the current ones lol


i want to suggest a game. its called knife throw. pretty cool game.


pm me the link.


PM sent.


hurray for new ways to waste time!

btw there is no freakin way that ‘iWin’ actually got a score of 100 in drag race…


Yea that’s kinda fishy, but hey bugs are there to be found.


Re: RE: 15 New games added.

hehe, i guess


i got a 100 too. i kept geting 9.50 second runs and 10.50 second runs. when i got a 10.0 second run it gave me a 100, it should have been a 10.00 and given me 1000 pts.


ah i see, bug it is

(by the way, iwin, i wasnt trying to say you were cheating, just theres no ‘normal’ way for that to happen… see? :smiley: )


Excellent, I’ll get my game on later :smiley: