15th april 1989

wednesday is the 20th anniversary of the hillsbrough disaster

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it was a F.A.Cup semi final between liverpool and nottingham forest at sheffield wednesdays hillsbrough stadium…after a series of mistakes 96 liverpool supporters made the ultimate sacrifice for supporting they’re team…they were crushed against the perimeter fencing around the pitch
the aftermath of it is all seater stadiums and the removal of the fences…fan safety is now paramount in british stadiums

Sheesh Honestly first time i have heard of this, however around that time i was pretty young and ignorant.

Glad things have changed in regards to the safety of spectators though

it sent shockwaves through the world of football

I can imagine, it would put a lot of people off going to the games too

I remember

It was absolutely horrifying…the images stayed with me for a loooong time after

I was only 2 at the time, so i don’t actually remember it happening at the time, obviously in the subsequent years it’s been more talked about. It changed football a lot, standing areas were banned at games, all seater stadia brought in.

I vaguely remember it. So sad so many people died.

we lost a family friend… i was lucky we didn’t lose my any of my family that day. very frightening.

I was a massive football fan at this time and would go home and away to all games. It really was an era where you would count your lucky stars at times that you weren’t injured going to some games with the overcrowding and the police handling of fans as cattle. All, of course, the knock on from years of football violence at stadia leading to somewhat harsh policing methods.

On this incident, today being the 20th Anniversary, my heart goes out to anyone that suffered as a result of this disaster. I was listening to this on the radio whilst at a Palace game.

The legacy is that we now have the stadium and conditions that fans deserve. The horror is that anybody had to pay such a price for us to have it

20h anniversary today, RIP to the 96 lives lost and thoughts go out to the families who recieved the terrible news that a member of the family had died there.