2 chicks i know posing on my truck


heres 2 girls that i know that i had pose for my truck:


the blondes name is Misti and the girl with the dark hair is named Laura :hitit: x2


hot :smiley: :cool


can you say “panty lines”?

nice lookin tho


Im not trying to be rude, but Ive see way better.


Cool bub.
Granny panties! :smiley:


thats ghot to be the ulgiest two chicks posing on any car.

  • those panties…

Ewwww :barf


They want to be sexy, but don’t know how.


Re: RE: 2 chicks i know posing on my truck

LMFAO!! couldnt have said it better myself…they are just mad cuz they are ugly


no G-sting no good…Granny panties


i think that brunette is pretty hot.




Just so you guys know, those pictures don’t do those girls any Justice. I’ve met both of them in person and they’re both pretty damn hot.


Re: RE: 2 chicks i know posing on my truck

And you cant get laid :dunno


The girl in the pink shirt has a big nose and beaty eyes!


Re: RE: 2 chicks i know posing on my truck

And you cant get laid :dunno[/quote] :rofl :rofl :rofl :funnah :funnah :funnah :lol :lol :lol


Heres my g/f in front of her stang


Here she is again with one of her friends. She is also my friends g/f.


And one last pic of them…


It’s a post pics of girls you know thread :cool


Damn. shes pretty hot. how old is she.


17 next month. Theres about a 5 month difference between us.


Your girl has got some awesome legs.

I honestly can say that I hate you with every fiber in my being now. :smiley:


LOL mines the one who is in the jeans in the second pic, or is that what you meant.