2500 A.D. A Space Epic Sign-Ups!

Planet/Moon name:
Government category (Democratic, Oligarchic, Authoritarian, Totalitarian):
Government description:
Population description:
Additional Information:

Starting technology -
Machine Engineering:
Genetic Engineering:
Travel systems:

Genetic engineering is your planet’s knowledge on gene therapy. A planet which has a high number of points in genetic engineering will be able to modify the genetic make-up of their planet more, removing harmful diseases and adding beneficial traits for aesthetics, survival, etc. A planet with low points in this area will start out with less physical perfections and resemble average humans more.

Machine engineering is your planet’s knowledge on the construction of machinery and I. A planet which has a high number of points in genetic engineering will be able to create complex machinery capable of sentience and perhaps even mind transfer. A planet who has low points in machinery will have littl eaccess to these forms of technology and may resemble luddite or agricultural society more.

Travel systems are how effective your ships are at moving around, including how fast they can do so and how cheap they can do so. The more points you have in travel systems, the more effectively you can trade, invade and communicate with the rest of civilisation. If you get it high enough, you might even be able to leave the solar system.

You get 8 points to spend on starting tech, each can have a max of 10

List of players:

Union of Ceres and Vesta (Cameron)
Titania (John)
Ganymede (Joshrune)
Aurora (BlackHole)
Kuiper Belt (CulturalBolshevism_mog)

Neptune (Flavia)
Encladus (Chrome)
Venus (bandy)
Titan (Sharpandquic)
Dione (oli)

Europa (Ricky)
Iapetus (King Coco)

Mercury (Champion)
Moon (lake)
Pluto (Scott)


Planet/Moon: Europa
Category: Authoritarian
Description: Central bureaucracy governed by elite technocratic council
Population description: assorted and varied by both biological and other augmentation; engineered castes;
History: collective of private organization that fled from Earth to escape persecution for biological augmentations, hidden and isolated for several decades beneath the deep oceans of Europa drawing power from magma vents. Outside of an out of the way diplomatic outpost near the surface of the planet staffed with baseline humans, very little physical interaction occurs between the moon’s inhabitants and the solar community.

Machine: 0
Genetic: 8
Travel: 0

Planet/Moon name: Earth’s Moon (The Luna Hivemind)

Government category (Democratic, Oligarchic, Authoritarian, Totalitarian): Totalitarian, Hivemind

Government description: A Hivemind of self-producing robots led by the mass of their processing power

Population description: Robotic Hivemind composed of millions of machines

History: Humanity created robots to mine Helium-3 to power their fusion reactors. As time went on, Humanity grew lazy, and taught the machines how to reproduce themselves and become self-maintained. These robots eventually grew into the hive-mind of Luna, and have seized the moon as well as it’s Helium extractors.

Additional Information: The Hivemind has begun selling Helium-3 to the highest bidders as the resource comes in more need. The machines are able to easily reproduce and have created their own weaponry systems that primarily operate with molten metal as their ammunition. The Hivemind is able to quickly communicate with all parts of itself to instantly coordinate labor and offense/defensive capabilities.

Starting technology -

Machine Engineering: 7
Genetic Engineering: 0
Travel systems: 1

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Planet/Moon name: Enceladus (various trade posts throughout the system?

Government category (Democratic, Oligarchic, Authoritarian, Totalitarian): Oligarchy

Government description: A merchant republic, The Enceladus Trade Federation is governed primarily by Committee of Trade and Commerce (CTC). Consisting of the merchant class of the Federation, the CTC is the legislative body of the Republic, concerned primarily with regulating and facilitating economic prosperity across the Federation’s interplanetary trade network. The CTC is primarily dominated by 6 major trade families and 3 corporations, unofficially referred to as the Council of Nine. The Council of Nine consist of the Hinton, Montinaro, Pathan, Pozzi, Selker, and Hwu families as well as XuraCorp, The Borneo Foundation, and Fundamental Electric and account for over two thirds of the 400 seats in the CTC. Governed by a Doge whom is elected from the members of the CTC, the Doge serves for life (or until his or her resignation) and acts as the head of state, being the ultimate say in legislation. Although it is possible for lesser parties to become Doge, the position has been served only by a patriarch of the prominent merchant families - the Montinaros and Hintons have historically dominated this position, be the oldest trade merchant families in the Federation. The Doge is usually highly respected by the merchant families, so long as they maintain a precarious balance between them, but the rise in corporations (seen as new money) has come to be a threat to the families’ long held hegemony over the Federation - although no representative has held the office of Doge.

Population description: Consisting primarily of a merchant class, The Federation’s economy is heavily driven by trade. Having one of the largest and most efficient fleets in the system, it is only natural a large deal of shipping is handled by the Federation. Money driven, the population sees little interest in genetic modification or the advancement of mechanical technology in any way that wouldn’t result in a profit. This apathetic nature has lead to the Federation being neutral on most matters, usually only aligning with what ever side offers the greatest monetary benefit.

History: One of the earliest settlements to be terraformed outside of the inner asteroid belt, Enceladus’s abundance in water made it a prime location to be inhabited. The melting of the massive sheets of ice that encased the moon revealed a beautiful archipelago, with most islands being created slowly by the magma flow arising from below the planet’s water filled crust. Originally driven by maritime trade, The Federation was one of the first settlements to establish an interplanetary trade network. Today, the Federation maintains dozens of trade enclaves, reaching from Pluto to Mercury, setting up shop on inhabited planets and strategic points in the asteroid belt.

Starting technology -
Machine Engineering: 0
Genetic Engineering:0
Travel systems: 8

you just made an entire planet of teenagers


Planet/Moon name: Mercury; “Neo-Hyperborean Empire”.
Government category: Totalitarian
Government description: Fascist Party Dictatorship; aspiring inter-planetary empire. Lead by “The Captain”; formal title is “Imperator of the Neo-Hyperborean Empire”.
Population description: Human; genetically enhanced both through Genetic Engineering and a very long legacy of widespread eugenics programs, isolation of genetic traits deemed undesirable. Highly intelligent and very densely populated. Extensive propaganda extolling virtues of physical fitness has lead to abnormal physical strength and endurance being increasingly common. Average male Imperial is 6’ 3’’ with very muscular build. Radically militaristic and largely made up of ideological zealots. Mandatory military/police service along with the massive Imperial Space Fleet and supporting Imperial Expeditionary Corps, comprised mainly of Imperial Fleet-Marines.

History: Began as a small colony which focused primarily on resource exploitation. Gradually became a large population center of voluntary political and religious exiles. Soon, the planet grew, and gained independence in a short yet sharp coup/ resulting skirmish with the colonial government/ army. The “Hyperborean Empire” was proclaimed.

The resulting government was authoritarian, conservative, militaristic, and repressive. This went on for centuries before the government became corrupt, nepotistic, inefficient, and it’s authority undermined by competing democratic/ peaceloving reformists, and extremists. There was a bloodless coup as regime leadership aligned itself with the democrats in hopes of preventing the collapse of the society. Thus followed a short period of interplanetary reconciliation and societal confusion as the “Hyperborean Republic” struggled to gain legitimacy. Hyper-conservative/fascist “Imperials” sought a return to the glory days of the regime, while the extreme leftist “Interplanetarians” threatened to remove any last vestige of the regime.

Eventually, elements of the military revolted against an attempt by the government to disband the Old Imperial military, precipitating a civil war in which the “Imperials” flocked to the side of the rebels. After much bloodshed, and a resulting violent repression, the “Neo-Hyperborean Empire” took shape, with the fascists largely sidelining the hyper-conservatives with the full backing of the military leadership.

Materially devastated, the Imperial government soon greatly enlarged the military and forcibly initiated greater societal experimentation than had ever been attempted by the “Old Empire”. Massive constructive projects and innovative military advancements quickly made the Neo-Hyperborean Empire a rising power.

Additional Information: It is now over a decade since the civil war concluded. The New Empire, and it’s relatively young and charasmatic leader, makes no attempt to hide it’s ambition to expand into other worlds. “The Captain”, as the dictator is referred to, is a former Old Imperial Fleet-Marine Captain and ever-promenant, long-time leader of the “Imperial Party”. He lead the Imperial militia to several stunning victories in the civil war, cementing his status as uncontested leader of the New Empire. Making regular inflammatory and rousing speeches, the Captain has yet to fulfill his oft-spoken promise of conquering other worlds whilst the still-damaged economy struggles to keep up with the rapid rise of the New Empire.

However, distant, and often secret, military outposts span the solar system as far out as the Asteroid belt with unclear missions. Even murkier “Imperial Friendship” organizations on other worlds are often in contact with visiting Imperial citizens for not-so-obvious reasons.

Starting technology -
Machine Engineering: 8
Genetic Engineering:
Travel systems:

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Planet/Moon name: Neptune
Government category: Oligarchic
Government description: a chamber composed of technocratic associations made up of engineers and other technical experts from different fields related to production.
Population description: a cat-eared subspecies of humans around 5’5 to 5’7, with white hair and blue or grey eyes, well known for being heterochromatic. Because of temperature of where they live, many of them wear black clothes in order to draw sunlight. They’re a machine based society with robots mainly designed as toys and companions. The army is next to non-existent. Their religious beliefs are animistic, and they generally believe their machinery to have a soul which must be appeased.
History: the civilization was created by a young scientist Kitayama Riku after a failed expedition to the terraformed planet of Neptune. Having lost her wife to pneumonia, Kitayama decided to make her life’s work a reality by journeying to the blue planet with genetic samples from her wife to create the Neptunians. After the creation of the species, she died from an illness which had been carried over from the ship.

All that her creations had to go on were several books and some audio which their creator had carried with her on her journey with the intent to teach them. They managed to teach themselves how to read and write, building their own society based on these limited writings and their own experiences. It was only until other humans sent out a scout did they finally learn of the existence of the rest of their species.

Additional Information:

Starting technology -
Machine Engineering: 4
Genetic Engineering: 4
Travel systems: 0

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