2500 A.D, a Space Epic

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For the past two weeks, me and @bandy have been working on the official RP for the site which will take the place of the old Atlantis Senate. We decided that we would draw from the Senate RP while avoiding a lot of it’s faults, which mainly stemmed from complexity and constant need for the maintenance of Speakers to continue. Before we go ahead and finish though, we want your input as players whether or not you’d be interested in this setting & concept.

The basic premise is set five hundred years in the future with human beings having colonized planets around and outside the solar system (whether they’re terraformed or Venus is the land of cloud cities and Mars the planet of bubble cities remains up to players). Each of these planets will start with their own technologies and unique governments created by the player which make a federation which form a galactic senate where representatives debate and pass legislature relating to a plethora of issues.

We want to leave fairly broad room open for the player to creatively develop their populace and planet in whatever ways they want (within reason). This ranges from terraforming and genetic engineering to artificial life such as androids, with “random scenarios” happening which the players confront either individually or in the Senate.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

tl;dr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfCsgFyP9aY



That’s a pretty unique idea. I like it. I’ll participate.


Sci-fi senate… Sounds like an awesome idea!
My body is ready, count me in


Sounds sweet. I’m in too.

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Sounds good to me.

I’ll do it but only if it doesn’t become a circlejerk larpfest

I’m in but I will be busy for the next ten days so idk how much I can participate

Could yall release a schedule so that people can respond with times?

sounds neat and not like rehashed shit

i’m in


hides copy of Stellaris under bed


im probs in

I am the senate.

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For applications, we’re going to have a “government category” which is just a list of categories your planetary government falls under (democratic, oligarchic, authoritarian, totalitarian) and then more specifically a government description which allows you to describe your form of state . This is mainly just to make it easier for me and @bandy to organize everything.

Dibs on Mars.

Dibs on Venus… oh… wait. Nevermind.

Dibs on Europa.

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dibs on ganymede so i can throw ice rocks at @Ricky

“Historians generally agree upon this diplomatic cable, being perceived as the highest threat by the recipient party, being the ultimate trigger for what became known as the Warring Moons period of Jovian history…”

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