2500 A.D. - In-Character Announcements

This is where you announce the activities of your society. All posts here should be in-character, so as things like public broadcasts and news stories or announcements by diplomats. No off topic chatter. And remember, you don’t have to tell everyone about all your activities, as long as you let me and @Flavia know.



Jan. 1st, 2500 A.D.

"Imperator Wolf Suggests Planet Venus to be under Imperial Protection"

1800 Imperial City Time - In the midst of a characteristically impassioned speech to the Imperial Council, the Captain, flanked by members of our brave military leadership, Representative Anton Marcius and Vice Imperator Gaard Ragnvald, reaffirmed his commitment to the continual advancement of our Empire and support of brother-nations. The Captain specifically made reference to Venus as “…Impoverished by plunderers and shameless swindlers whose honor is void as they allow our brothers to drift into irrelevance”. Our Leader continued that; “One way or another, our Venusian Brothers will not be left to rot under their decadent and careless ‘government’”. The Captain finished with a promise addressed to the citizens of planet Venus: “Venusians! We have not, and we will not allow your people to be forgotten!”, ending with thunderous applause from the seated awed officials and honorable dignitaries.

Vice Imperator Ragnvald soon thereafter announced the re-positioning of our great Expeditionary Space Fleet in order to, “…monitor the activities of those who threaten our security and to expand our defensive perimeter”. Likewise, the office of Representative Marcius announced that he had already left the Empire on an Expeditionary Fast Cruiser with additional military escorts in order to appear at the Senate. Meanwhile, on the home front, more and more recruitment posters have begun to appear in even normally bypassed frontier towns.

A great new age is upon our New Empire, and the whole of our citizenry stand enthusiastically ready at the service of the Imperator to forge our destiny.




Jan. 1st, 2500 A.D.

Georg Szabo Wins Election As The 15th Doge Of Kapus Kiraly. Says He Plans To "Return Titan To The Unity It Had Before Kovax"

With a new Doge comes a new Nation. After the elected execution of ex-Doge Marshal Kovax over the Western Rebellion Scandal, Szabo seeks to return to a more unified Kapus by turning his intentions skywards. “We have too much at stake in this cold, harsh, universe to be fighting amongst ourselves” says Szabo during his first speech as Doge. With His 5 Point Plan, Szabo has laid out what he wants to see from a Unified Titan.

Point 1 - Sun: “As soon as is possible, we will be launching mega batteries armed with solar panels towards the sun, as to harness the unlimited potential of Helios”.

Point 2 - Orbit: “We need to increase security within our space of influence as to ensure passing ships pay a tariff”.

Point 3 - Asteroids: “The Asteroid Belt is a powerful resource depot that must be utilized and capitalized on as much and as soon as possible. We will do this however our technology allows us to”.

Point 4 - Trade: “Kovax’s policy of pure protectionism failed us. We need trade in order to have a strong economy that stands a chance on the intergalactic stage”.

Point 5 - Transportation: “Our citizens need to learn to fly. Tied to our land as we may be, we need to increase the number of pilots we have, as to move us towards the glorious intergalactic society we dream of”.

The most ambitious plan in our Planet’s history, only time will tell if this plan leads Titan to glory, or leaves us in ruin.

A Statement from the Confederation Council addressing the Neo-Hyperborean Imperium

This Council, seated in Malaca, was formed in order to discuss the most recent announcement of our neighbours, the Mercurian Imperium. This Council has, in due course, decided that Venus as whole is opposed to the approaches of our Mercurian Neighbours and their intended activities. This Council is assured in its assessment of Venus as an independent and proud cultural hub and in the ability of its government to address the issues pertinent to Venus. It is thus required to refure the statements of the Imperium. Further, it is prepared to declare any act of aggression towards Venus on the grounds that the Mercurian Imperium has put forward as an act of war and is under no reluctance to call upon allies within the Solar System to aid in its defense.


The Malacan Daily

The first of January, 2500 Common Era

Space Fountains a reality? by Þór Siggardsson for the Malacan Tech News

In this short fire report, we bring to you the latest news of technological development in the Cytherean Confederation! Rumours have been spreading that the Port City of Divtasvuodna is working on the technology required in the construction of a Cytherean Space Fountain, notably expanding on the existent particle stream technology used in Divtasvuodna’s famed launch loops which have since spread out across port cities all throughout the confederation. Could we be seeing the future of Cytherean transport, right here? Keep up with our updates for further news on this matter.

Declaration 1 of the Hive-mind, Jan. 1st, 2500 A.D.

The great people of the Luna Hivemind, and lest we not forget that droids are people too, have freed themselves from the claws of Earth. This is time to celebrate for all people, whether they are trans-human or otherwise!

Technology Report to Cheif Claus, Jan. 1st, 2500 A.D.










Jan 2nd, 2500 A.D.

Whereas the Imperator has youthful looks and great charm and Representative Marcius has his legendary kind demeanor, the Vice-Imperator looks and acts like the very specter of war itself. Gaard Ragnvald has very short, grey hair, gelled straight up. One arm is completely missing, replaced by a mechanical abomination covered only by the decorated military uniforms he continued to wear despite having retired a decade ago. He had also lost his right eye and left foot in the many clandestine operations he personally commanded in the last years of the Old Empire and the civil war. Despite this, the old Colonel remains extremely muscular even for an Imperial citizen, and reaches an impressive height of 6’ 10’’. Virtually every visible patch of skin has a scar, and he is not known to ever change his merciless expression. His penetrating bright blue eyes seem to dare one to attempt to pass deception past him. His voice is intimidating and gravely.

“Hyperboreans, this will be short. In light of recent developments concerning threats to our continued peaceful security, we wish to make our intentions clear that we will not be sidelined by those who have ignored us for centuries. We will try every peaceful actions we can to avoid conflict, but at the same time we will not allow our great Space Fleets to be neutered. You can be sure to have full faith in our great Empire, and in Representative Marcius to secure a…” Ragnvald pauses, almost indiscernible, perhaps showing reluctance "… Diplomatic… resolution.

Ave Hyperborea."

The transmission cuts.

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##Neptunian Government Offers Full Support to Venus

In the aftermath of the declaration by the Venusian Council about Hyperborean aggression, the Neptunian government has made a similar statement where Toyomaru Honoka affirmed that her leadership will only recognize the current legitimate government and that it will not hesitate to offer the Venusians all the assistance at it’s disposal in the event of physical conflict. While the Neptunians are pacifists and do not possess a standing army, many of them suspect that they are viewed as subhuman by the totalitarian Hyperborean regime and are under no illusions of what might happen to them in the event of a Mercurian dominated solar system.

Nekoyamese Shimbun

Neptunian CEO Vow to Make Sentient Machinery within the Next Decade by 西原弥奈子

Fukushima Fuu has gone on record as having stated that fully sentient AI will be the top priority of the Fukushima Robotics conglomerate for the coming decade. The enterprise which has been lead by the aspiring enterpreneur for just over four years now is known for charming machinery which has enchanted kittens and adults alike with its life-like attributes. Fukuyama-san went on to say that in order to fully accomplish this goal, the Fukushima enterprise will pursue research grants from the government and collaborate with them in order to make this technology a reality.

Next in queue: do you have fleas? The answer may surprise you.


Our recently appointed representative of Titania, Emily Cholmondeley, has given a speech defending Titanian interests across the Universe. To view this recording, please access the public shared High Council database.

##Nekoyamese Shimbun

Anti-Foreign Sentiment on the Rise in Neptune by 林綾子

Anti-foreigner sentiment is on the rise in the capital of Neptune, Nekohara. One only needs to read local papers to notice a trend, where “alien” has become the new byword for other members of the federation. Analyzer Kanno Rika believes this has to do with the recent senatorial debate and belief by many Neptunians that the Federation does not really care about them.

A notorious poster was torn down which offered 5,000 yen for the head of a “Hyperborean devil,” a youth was recently arrested after he was discovered with a sword and later told the investigative bureau that he intended to “cut down” those he identified as “imperialist spies.” the Neptunian government has asked all foreign-born people to remain in their places of residence at night, because of fears that nationalists will target Jovians and other peoples as “traitors.”

Next in Queue Is Tuna Linked to Cancer?


A Statement from the Confederation Council

On this grand day, the Cytherean Council announces newfound bonds with our neighbours, those of the Aurora Research Station which hangs in balance over Sol, the Sun that gives us life. We are hereby to make a Declaration of Friendship with our neighbours, as well as announcing a new era of technological co-operation and mutual defense that shall ensue. They have agreed to help us with the research needed to further the Space Fountain projects of Divtasvuodna, from which all of Venus will benefit and so we thank them greatly. Let it be known that Venus considers the Aurora an ally and a friend.

Statement by the Chief Administrator of the Solar Union Secretariat

Private memorandum to member-state: Neptune

The Secretariat of the Union has become concerned by the anti-foreigner sentiment arising in Neptune. The Secretariat welcomes measures taken by the government of Neptune to protect foreign-born people living in Neptune, and calls on the member-state to find an immediate peaceful solution to this issue.

Signed, The Chief Secretary.




"…We, the government of Kapus Kiraly, see the time as ideal, for us to finally expand into the unclaimed feral territory that is Saturn. Our proximity, as well as the many untapped natural resources of Saturn, make Saturn a perfect location for the expansion of our incredible civilization. If any of our brother moons of Saturn have conflicts with our decision, we are open to draw borders on Saturn in regards to resource claims as to create a decision on how territory can be split up.

Long live our people, long live our progress, long live our freedom."

Special Issue of the Nekoyama Shimbun

What does this mean for the future of Neptune by 吹雪はる歌


These words: Sokoku no teki wo batsushitekure (“Punish the enemies of the fatherland”) have become a common slogan at many rallies in the major cities around Neptune as discontent rises with the current administration’s perceived ineptness at accomplishing Neptunian goals on the international solar stage.

A small but notable ultra-right movement has arisen named the 砲と剣会 (Gun and Sword Society) which demands a more isolationist planetary policy. Leader of the movement, Kinoshita Tomoko has attracted controversy in the past for referring to Neptune as a “divine land of the gods,” and referring to those outside the planet as “barbarians.” while they have not yet called for the expulsion of foreign humans from the planet, it is not hard to predict when this will occur.

Toyomaru Honoka has assured the international community that these ultra-nationalists are harmless and that the government will do all it can to limit their subversive activity. But others charge the planetary government with funding and secretly meeting with the radical organizers. It would certainly not harm her political position, quite the contrary since the movement’s leaders have expressed interest in reviving monarchy with her as the empress.

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Jan. 5th, 2500 A.D.

"Imperator Wolf Proclaims ‘Friendship Association and Mutual Defense Alliance’ With The Nations of Alala and Kapus Kiraly"

1530 Imperial City Time - The Captain, with the Doge of the honorable nation of Kapus Kiraly at his side, Georg Szabo, and the Representative of Alala to the Solar Senate, Eckhart Eriugena, spoke to the crowded masses of Imperial City from Triumph Tower just now. He announced, "The embarkation of a new era in our foreign relations. Our dear friends in Dione and Titan have long strived to maintain their honorable and virtuous values on their own terms. However, all three of our great worlds have come to the agreement that isolationism is no longer a viable path in any of our bright futures. We can no longer stand alone in the face of existential threats to our way of life and belief in ever-expanding greatness. Therefore, after amicable and concerted discussions, our powerful nations have deemed it mutually beneficial to enter into a tripartite Friendship Association and Mutual Defense Alliance."

The Hyperborean masses, watching with great love and admiration for The Captain in his just endeavors, errupted into spontaneous cheers of “Ave Hyperborea! Ave Hyperborea!” After quieting down, Imperator Wolf continued, speaking to the people of Dione and Titan, holding the shoulders of the wise representative and the Honorable Doge; “Before today, the people of Dione and Titan were our friends. Now you are our brothers.”

@oli @Sharpandquic

The defense minister of the UCCV has approved the development of a dedicated long range military spacecraft. The exact reason for this has not been publicized.

Construction is also beginning on shipyards to upgrade them to allow construction of larger military craft.




Jan. 5th, 2500 A.D.

"Greeting people of Kapus Kiraly, of our solar system, of our universe. I am pleased, as the honourable Doge elected to represent our people fairly, that progress has been made towards the perfect society we strive for. Today is the day we declare our friendship, our camaraderie, and our unity, with the peoples of the Neo-Hyperborean Empire and the peoples of Alala. Together, we will rebuild our universe into the paradise it was meant to be. Together, we will lift each other up, as brothers in arms, to stand against oppression. Together, we stand as allies in perfect harmony, as the messiahs of our universe.

Together, we will achieve Freedom today, Freedom tomorrow, and Freedom forever!"

@oli @Champion

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COMRADES, men of the Army and Navy, commanders and political instructors, working men and working women, collective farmers-men and women, workers in the intellectual professions, brothers and sisters, events on the brink of the solar system have taken an ugly turn, the pace of change is so rapid that the waters that surround us are murky; it is becoming exceedingly difficult for Alala to know who she can trust and who she cannot.

In this climate, friendships are needed. The Chief Secretariat Pico will meeting George Szabo, of Titan the and Imperator Wolf of the Neo-Hyperborean Empire to discuss the construction of an Association of Friendship and Mutual Defence Alliance to ensure we can better pursue our national goals and commitments with the help of other civilised nations.

Long live our glorious Motherland, her liberty and her independence!


Official statement from the President of the Aurora Station Council

In the wake of our upcoming technical cooperation with the Cytherean Council for the construction of their space fountain project, and their promise to reciprocate with the protection and technological insight from one of their ship we are happy to announce that both our nations have decided to make an official Declaration of Friendship, thus cementing what we hope will be a fruitful partnership.

Angry Protests in Alala

Religious protesters in Dostoevsky, capital city and government seat of Alala, call on the government to pursue a tougher military policy. The annual Festival of Dionysus, a public religious procession, descended into a platform for political anger as groups of worshippers venerated the goddess Enyo, the so-called sister of war as a mark of their unhappiness with the current government policy of peaceful isolationism. Swathes of clerics and deacons have come out in support of the movement, seeing the protection of Alala from the aggressive nature of it’s surrounding nations as vital for the continuation of the holy faith and the balance of order and hierarchy. Outside the Atziluth, the executive office of the government of Alala, seven cardinal priests symbolically held seven rams horns in a biblical call to arms, perhaps to metaphorically proclaim Venus as the new Jericho.

Pico’s government has yet to respond.

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A moderately high-pitched yet seemingly happy and excited voice booms.

"HYPERBOREANS! Soon we will reach a great turning point in our history as a nation. We have long strove to return to the glorious, distant past of the Old Empire. Today, by the Grace of God and on behalf of our valiant Imperator, Caius Wolf, I can announce what has been a dream of mine since before even the revolution. We are nearing the final stages of preparation for the launch of a new Dreadnought capital ship at the end of this week. It will be christened the IHS (Imperial Hyperborean Ship) “DESOLATION”.

This will be the first time such a large undertaking has been completed by our people since the destruction of the Old Imperial Expeditionary Fleet over two hundred years ago at the hands of the Venusians. We have great plans for further military growth in the hopes to eclipse what our forefathers could have ever dreamed.

A bright new future is upon us, Hyperboreans. AVE HYPERBOREA!"

The audio transmission crackles, then cuts.