2500 A.D. - Start of Turn One

The results of turn zero have been tallied!
You can find the starting state of the game here:

If you see any mistakes please PM me so that I can fix them as soon as possible.

Here is the updated map:

The game is now started. By the end of the week (Sunday), you will need to make a (one, not five) post in this thread that details the following:

  1. Your sources of income, and the total income.
  2. How many technology points you have, their sources, and what they were researched in.
  3. Your next turn’s construction orders, including the modifiers for costs based on tech, wonders, etc
  4. Any movement orders for your units (these are to be carried out after Sunday).

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Nice one @Ricky

Although i’m Callisto now not dione! sorry lol. Also do I still need to do pop. upkeep with solar cathedral? I thought solar cathedral stopped pop from uprising.

They can’t revolt, but they can still starve without revolting.
You still need to pay them at least poor upkeep.


Quick question about tech points investment, is it effective immediately ?



1 - 9.5 IC

  • 9 Industrial Complexes (4 stationary, 5 mobile, 9 IC)
    -Trade network with Champion (0.5 IC)

2 - 0.4 R
-2 Research Facilities

  • ME: 4 (+ 0.4) TS: 3 GE: 1

-Transport (7 IC)
-Planet Upkeep (2.5 IC)

-Move existing Stealth Frigate one block Northeast

Not to rain on your parade but research facilities provide 0.2 tech points each period, so you have 0.4 points and not 2

Income sources:

  • 8x Industrial Complex (+1 IC)
  • 1x Trade Network (+0.5 IC)
  • 1x Incoming Trade Route (+0.25 IC)
  • 1x Supply cache use (+ 1 IC)

Total income : 9.75 IC

Tech points:
Tech production:
1x Academy of Science (+1)
3x Research Lab (+0.2)
Total tech points : +1.6

Research assigned to ME
Total tech level after research :
0 GE 9.6 ME 0 TS

Construction orders
1x Colonist (4 IC)
11x Population Upkeep normal (0.5 IC)

Troop movements

  • Sacrificing the colonist I have to add +1 pop to the station to man the third research lab.

Please use the dedicated space RP forum thing. Thanks.

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Income sources:

  • 3x Industrial Complex (+3 IC)
  • 5x Mobile Industrial Complex (+5 IC)
  • 5x Trade Network (+3.75 IC)
  • 1 x Incoming Trade Route (+0.25 IC)
  • Population Upkeep: Medium (-5 IC)

Total income : 7.00 IC

Tech points:
Tech production:
2x Research Lab (+0.2)
Total tech points : +0.4

Research assigned to ME
Total tech level after research :
0 GE 8.4 ME 0 TS

Construction orders:
3 Caches - 6 IC

9 IC - 9 Industrial Complexes
0.75 IC - Trade network to Titania
0.5 IC - Trade network from Aurora

Total - 10.25 IC

Upkeep - 5 IC
1 x Colonist - 4 IC

Total - 9 IC
Waste - 1.25 IC

TP Income -
2 x Research Lab - 0.4

TP expenditure -
0.4 to ME

GE 0
ME 6.4
TS 2

You might want to have a look at the excel sheet/try to get it updated. It says there that you have 8 stationary and that’s it.

@Ricky In terms of using settlers, is the income phase not before the troops movement phase? Ergo, any settlers you turn into pop this turn do not count towards your income of IC/Science?

They will settle during the movement phase, and count on the next turn of income.

So I am guessing that some of the above posts are wrong?

Well, if you made a colonist during Turn 0, then I suppose you can add them to the population for this turn’s upkeep.

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Sweet. Thanks!