2500 AD A Space Epic Rules Supplemental

I’m gonna put basically any rules additions here
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All rules are up for amendment at any time.

Technology Levels
Industrial Points
Common Project Costs
Strategic Rules

Technology levels

Each person gets 8 starting points to spend among the techs.
Once per 6 months, if you have a higher tech level than someone else, you can gift them one point in that tech.

GE 0 - Minor gene transplants
GE 2 - Minor aesthetic changes
GE 4 - Disease and immunities
GE 6 - Agelessness
GE 8 - Physical enhancement implementation
GE 10 - Mental enhancements
GE 12 - Creation of new body systems
GE 14 - Lifting non-sapient species to sapience
GE 16 - Creation of entirely new lifeforms
GE 18 - Creation of vacuum-capable organisms
GE 20 - Creation of a Biological hive mind

ME 0 - Industrial complex
ME 1 - Virtual reality
ME 2 - Fully automated industry
ME 3 - Launch Loops
ME 4 - O’Neil Style Space habitats
ME 6 - Nanobots
ME 8 - Orbital Ring / Space Fountain
ME 10 - Can make functioning human-level intelligence General AI
ME 11 - Replicants indistinguishable from humans
ME 12 - Ansibles
ME 14 - Bishop Rings
ME 16 -
ME 18 -Dyson Sphere
ME 20 - Matrioshka Brain

TS 0 - Earth to Mars takes around seven months
TS 2 - Earth to Mars takes around three months
TS 4 - Earth to Mars takes around a week
TS 6 - Earth to Jupiter takes around a month
TS 8 - Earth to pluto Takes a month
TS 10 - Earth to Pluto takes a week
TS 12 - Intra-solar transport on the scale of days
TS 14 - Earth to Pluto takes a day
TS 16 - Can reach Proxima Centauri in 50 years, intra-solar transport on the scale of hours
TS 18 -
TS 20 - Can reach Proxima Centauri in 10 years, intra-solar transport on the scale of minutes.

Maybe have travel be in more uniform increments? Right now it looks like level 4 is on par or better than level 6, but maybe my mental math is wrong.

@Chrome at TS 4 Earth to Jupiter is about 2.5 months

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@bandy Would GE 4 include stuff like temperature immunity or would that fall under GE 8? I assume “immunity” would be like disease-related but figured I would ask.

Will delete post when answered.

that’d be GE 8. GE 4 is like diseases and stuff yeah

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if anyone has questions, just leave them up in future just so anyone else who has the same question can see the answer

Could you make some rules in regards to weaponry and such (also, how is combat going to work)?

have you ever played risk?

I have indeed

basically space risk

What will be doing the rolling, and what will the map look like?

If we have not?

the rules are pretty easy to explain

At what level of GE can we make frogs gay


joke’s on you they already are

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What does that entails exactly? Because if that is simply “no humans in factories” that seems pretty low level tech compared to ansibles or even a space fountain (hell, a space fountain is way more difficult to make than an O’Neil style habitat, since we could reasonably hope to make one with current technology). Do we get stuff like nano-manufacturing bots with it ?

you are making me doubt my tech levels here
they do really need rejiggering though
not sure yet tbh give me a bit

I’m probably taking this too seriously but I’m making technical specs for my giant space station and I currently have technologically realistic way to have it stand stationary pretty much anywhere in the system (thought the closer to the Sun the better) while providing most of the power (might need a boost depending on the subsystems I need for resources) as well as the habitat general design, dimension and artificial gravity; and I am now working out resources, and if water and food are pretty easy, I’m unsure about more bulk/advanced resources and I need to have a better idea of the tech limitations to see which of the alternative I have is viable