2500 AD Senate "Federal" Rules


This is how the “federal” system in the RP works and operates. If you read the document, you’ll see it’s actually more of a loose confederation, similar to the United Nations but with a slightly stronger central body. All passages in this document can be taken as an entrenched law, subject to the amendment conditions inside of the document.

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Good work.

Just to make sure there’s no confusion, Waller has my and @bandy’s permission and full confidence.

For now.

Inb4 Waller pulls a Napoleon and proclaims himself God-Emperor of the thread.

I’d support it

Are we going to elect the executive positions?

The President will be elected by a 67% majority of Senators, and can choose four Commissioners to join them in the Federal Council (all from separate planets).

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I assume this will happen like tomorrow or something when everybody is awake?

Asap aye, but with enough time for everyone to do their scraggly politics business to get the votes they need.

I imagine we’ll do some kind of eliminating ballot system, where the bottom performing person in the poll is knocked off until someone gets 67%.