2500 AD Senate (OOC)

A space station whose location is constantly moving around the solar system to ensure a balance of power, built in the classical tradition of the old Gaian Roman architecture mixed with modern futuristic elements in order to make it accessible to those without a space suit. Inside are seats for the diverse cast of representatives from around the planet, either elected through democratic procedure, or appointed by dictators to represent their respective interests.

Representative name:
Representative appearance (optional):
Representative ideology:
Representative bio (optional):

This is not the place for individual diplomacy between planets, those can be done through PM’s and the Announcement Thread for official proclamations

Be aware that disobeying the legislature of the Senate can have grievous consequences such as embargoes, and attacking fellow members of the federation without sufficient cassus belli may result in joint military action being taken against your state by declaration of the Senate.

Representative name: 豊丸の 玉子 (romanization Tamako Toyomaru)
Representative appearance:
Representative ideology: Technocratic syndicalism
Representative bio (optional): relative to Honoka Toyomaru, head of the machinery corporation and de facto ruler of the planet. It’s yet to be found out whether her appointment was due to nepotism or genuine skill.

Representative name: Admiral (Ret.) Anton Marcius
Representative appearance: 58 years old, 6’8’’, fit but unusually lean for an Imperial, wears sharp military-esque suits. Friendly and approachable face with noticeable wrinkles from frequent wide smiles. Grandfatherly, but this image is sometimes betrayed by the body armor he wears at all times peaking out from under his suit and multiple facial scars, among them a dramatic, jagged line which splits his left eyebrow in two. Sweet tongue.
Representative ideology: Fascist, Imperialistic, Expansionist.
Represenrative bio: Longtime military man, original Old Military rebel in the civil war. Formerly of the hyper-conservative faction. Lead the immortal frontal assault on the Republican space fleet during the Civil War, virtually guaranteeing the eventual rebel victory. Left the military following the conclusion of the civil war and entered government before becoming an advisor to the Imperator. Pushed into diplomatic service due to extensive contacts with foreign governments in his years of Old Imperial Fleet service and easy deamenor, not to mention virulent radicalism and proven dedication as an Imperial Party member, though not originally a member. A somewhat obvious pick for representative, appeasing remaining hyper-conservative elements of government as well as being a close confidant of the Imperator.

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Representative Name: Matthias Hunyadi

Representative Appearance (optional): 6"3 Averagely built guy, around 45 years old, with brown eyes and brown hair. Most standard looking guy you could imagine (does not have a defined race tho, skin is olivey).

Representative Ideology: Radical Centrist, Individualist, Pro-Elections, Pro-Liberty. Does not seek to expand physically, but would seize upon opportunities to expand Kapus Kiraly’s (Titan’s) influence.

Representative Bio (optional): A Fritz who stepped down from his position after serving 8 years or so. Trained by the Guardian branch of the government (obviously). Was always suspicious of the government’s power on his own world, so he decided to become a Fritz to keep the government in check. When the position of intergalactic representative appeared, he decided to join it as to make sure the interests and values of Kapus Kiraly are preserved.

Representative name: Emily Cholmondeley

Representative appearance (optional): A woman of the finest beauty and elegance in all of Titania. Carefully hand picked by the Lord President to represent the planet in the wider solar system for her beauty and good grace. She is 5 7 tall, the prime age of 34, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Caucasian and with a slender body. Has a great smile with pearly white teeth.

Representative Image

Representative ideology: Conservative. Generally sticks to the conformity and the allegiance of the Lord President, mainly agreeing with their policies. However, has personal views that Titania should be doing more to cement its place into this solar system and wider galaxies, to expand and seek out new life. Believes in free trade and open markets. Has been cautious about mixing her personal views along with policy, however has begun to gain more confidence in the wider arena of diplomacy since appointed. Believes the Secret Council should always be in session.

Representative bio (optional): Direct descendant from Occult - widely speculated as the real reason why she was selected for the role. (Relatively) Young and naive.

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@John @Sharpandquic @Champion all accepted, good work.


Representative Name: Gáddjá Aikio

Representative ideology: Greatly in favour of free markets and free trade. Chosen by the Cytherean Council in order to further Venus’ trade endeavours throughout the solar system. Is staunchly opposed to a large amount of violence and is set on trying to impose greater restrictions on the militaries of the various system bodies.

Representative bio: Is the daughter of transport conglomerate Divtsavuodna Fárta Firbmá and has a vested interest in increasing Venus’ domination of inner system trade.

Representative name: Nathanial Mateo
Representative appearance (optional): A human with the appearance of one in his fifties. 5’11" and well dressed in Terran clothing, if in somewhat outdated style.
Representative ideology: Centrist, isolationist.
Representative bio (optional): Has an amiable, inoffensive nature, and is happy in his duty as the representative of Europa. Diplomacy is the only career he has ever known, and he has aspired to the position since his childhood.

Representative Name: Councillor Alexander Vasiliev.

Representative Appearance: Click here. Has a white skull tattoo across the upper section of his face, denoting his previous criminal past before his redemption and acceptance onto the Council of Ganymede itself.

Representative Ideology: Ganymedean loyalist. Technocrat. Anti-Core Worlds. Strongly pro-industry, and supportive of trade agreements among the Outer Worlds.

Representative name: Claus Silver

Representative ideology: Trans-humanist, pro-industry, pro-union, pro-peace, collectivist

Representative bio (optional): Lead project manager on the Lunar Helium project when the robots dispelled the humans from the moon, Claus sympathized with the robots, who he thinks desire sentience. The processes of the Hivemind believe Claus’ leadership is beneficial on the world-stage, and have decided to keep him around as a result.

Representative name: Isabella Vastelle
Representative appearance (optional): Mid twenties female with long curly black hair and pale skin.
Representative ideology: Classical liberalism. Individualist.
Representative bio (optional): Might put something here later if I think of it.

Representative name: Eckhart Eriugena

Representative appearance (optional): A man of little stature, Eriugena is a religious leader, a member of the curia and a well-known political figure for his virulent speeches and passionate oratory skills. Whilst not physically commanding, his aura gives a sense of aged and learned wisdom, it is difficult to look at him with anything other than respect.

Representative ideology: Deeply conservative and traditional, Eriugena is on the ‘pious’ wing of the Dione government which calls for more ascetic, peaceful and holy ways of living and interacting with other nations. Others in the Dione government take a more fascistic expansionistic impulse catalysed by a very different veneration of the strength and power of self-creation within the Dionese populace. Which wing of the government prevails is obviously dependant on external factors.

Representative name: Halven Greyhand
Representative appearance (optional): A middle age man with an interesting grey hand, far more Pale compared to the rest of his relatively tanned body. He sports long jet black hair and red eyes. The latter being one of the few mutations that deliberately occurred making it easier to live in space permenantly as a human.
Representative ideology: confederate syndicalism ,AI ludditism
Representative bio (optional): One of the most renowned members of the Star fleet, he was involved in the construction of 2 titans and has commanded much of the fleets mining directives for decades. His grey hand is actually a prosthetic, his original hand being lost when it was blown off by a micro meteorite, to which he was given his latter name, GreyHand. He was extremely lucky and fleet banned such a valuable indivial from being out in space unless absolutely necessary because of it. He was chosen by the fleet to be its primary representative for the next decade, as it hovers right now over the capital planet.

Representative name: Kyle Svenhold
Representative appearance
**Representative ideology:**Technocratic syndicalism, generally abide by the unofficial motto of Aurora Station: "For Science!"
Representative bio: Because of the Aurora’s relative lack of interest in politics, diplomacy was a neglected topic until it became evident that a representative at the Solar Union would be a necessary asset. Only recently graduated in stellar engineering from the Academy, Kyle had at first only been mentioned as a possible diplomat because of a joke between his professors about his “uncanny ability to sweet talk his way out of missed deadlines and early morning lateness”. But due to each of the limited number of considered candidates declining the offer, Kyle was finally given the position of diplomatic representative for the Aurora, in spite of critics deploring “a decision that will only give credence to the Union cliche that Aurora Station is a bunch of nerds abord a giant spaceship”[sic]

Representative name: Kristov Selker
Representative appearance (optional): Late 50s - Early 60s white male
Representative ideology: Capitalism, Economic Expansionism, Planetary Autonomy
Representative bio (optional): The patriarch of the Selker family on Enceladus, Kristov was appointed by Doge Enrique Montinaro to represent the Federation on political matters pertaining to to the Solar Union. Largely disinterested by matters that do not threaten or benefit the Federation directly, Kristov prefers to keep a low profile, speaking only when seen as necessary.