2500 AD Turn Two

I am still compiling all the data from the last turn, but here is the second one so you all don’t need to wait. The rules are the same. If this current turn seems bare bones, it is mainly because I am not experienced in this part of the RP, and when our other GM’s return, it will return to it’s previous high quality standards.

@Sharpandquic @Joshrune @King_Coco @bandy @CulturalBolshevism_mog @BlackHole @Scott @oli @John @Champion


Income sources:

  • 8x Industrial Complex (+1 IC)
  • 1x Trade Network (+0.5 IC)
  • 1x Incoming Trade Route (+0.25 IC)

Total income : 8.75 IC

Tech points:
Tech production:
1x Academy of Science (+1)
3x Research Lab (+0.2)
Total tech points : +1.6

Research assigned to ME

Total tech level after research :
0 GE 11.2 ME 0 TS

Construction orders:
x5 Supply Cache (1 IC)
11x Poor Poulation Upkeep (0.3 IC)

Total cost 8.3/8.75 IC

-3 Regular Industrial Complexes
-6 Mobile Industrial Complexes
-Trade network with Champion

Total Income: 9.5 IC

Tech Points:
-2 Research facilities

ME: 3
TE: 5.4
GE: 0

Construction Orders:
-1 Colonist (4 IC)
-1 Supply Cache (2 IC)
-Rest spent on planet maintenance (3.5 IC)

Movement Orders
-Move Stealth Frigate another block Northeast
-Fill Transport with Colonist and land on Rhea

When does turn 3 start?

It will start next week on Sunday. By which time @Ricky and @bandy should most likely be back to take the reigns of the turn system.

8 ic industry
1ic outgoing trade
0.25 income trade
3 ic supply caches.

, 2 ic for fleet upkeep
Build trade network to champion
10-8= 2 ic

2 ic to one supply cache

8.8 research TS

Fleet orders

Main fleet move 2 tiles north
Naval forces move 3 tiles north
Tether singular cache to Phalanx station