3 games removed, 5 games added, misc fixes to all games


PoL (gameplay sucked)
Funky Pong (fun but cheat available for Mac users)
F-1 Kart (too fuckin long and too easy)

Mahjongg (very popular tile matching game)
Vlax (neat “dark” mario brothers type game)
Demonic Defense (very involved game, if learned it will be enjoyed)
Wheel of Fortune (just like the fuckin gameshow)
Alien Attack (will be a competitive short game)

All games are now in their custom resolution so gameplay is improved
Fixed the reverse scoring in golf and moonlander

Additional Notes:
I can’t simply add just any game in flash… the games have to be hacked in order to work with our token system. The folks that do the hacking (not I) only hack games they’ve been given permission from the creator. New games become available periodically. Our current 22 games (as of this post) are the best 22 I could find after testing nearly 200 games. I’ll continue to do my best to ensure we have the best games available that will work with our system.


jumps up and down like school girl


you removed funky Pong!!! NOOOOO that was my only trophey!!