3 of a Kind


All you have to do in order to play is name 3 of whatever the previous poster is asking for and then post your question for 3 of something.


[u]Name 3 flavors of ice cream

Answer: Chocolate Chip Mint, Oatmeal Cookie, White Chocolate Raspberry Explosion[/u]
OK, first question:

Name 3 kinds of Martinis


Perfect, Nantucket, and strawberry

three types of birth control


condoms, pills, abstinance

Name three kinds of automotive power adders.


nitrous, turbo charger, super charger

name 3 beer companies


bud, miller, corona

name three kinds of computers


desktop, laptop, microcomputer

Name 3 types of cheese


munster, colby, swiss

name 3 AWD import cars from different manufacturers


to get bcak on track

chedder, swiss, pepper jack


subard Sti, mitsu EVO, audi A4

name 3 kinds of tv’s


Panasonic, Phillips, Hibachi

Name 3 kinds of SUV’s


Suburban, H2, Escalade

Name three kinds of popular pizza toppings.


Re: RE: 3 of a Kind

[quote=2000Si]Suburban, H2, Escalade

Name three kinds of popular pizza toppings.[/quote]

Sausage, pepparoni, cheese

Name three brands of ATV’s


sausage peppers and onions

three kinds of pasta shapes


Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha.

stars, noodles, and those things that are ravioli (forget the name)

Name three kinds of computer picture extension files.



Name 3 World War II weapons.


German King Tiger MBT, Allies Sherman Tank and Boeing-B-17-Flying-Fortress.

Name 3 types of soda(pop).


pepsi, coke, dr pepper

name 3 tool manufacturers


craftsman, Jensen, Leviton

Name three kinds of internet setups.


Re: RE: 3 of a Kind

[quote=2000Si]craftsman, Jensen, Leviton

Name three kinds of internet setups.[/quote]

dsl,dial up,cable

Name 3 brands of condoms


trojan, trustex and durex

name 3 types of cats


calico, persian, tabby

name 3 custom motorcycle (chopper) builders