3 Police Officers Killed

This happened on Saturday here in our city. I still haven’t quite wrapped my brain around it. It’s funny when you watch the news you stop and think and go about your business…however, watching it all unfold and feeling the morbid quiet of the whole city right now; it’s really had a profound impact. I guess I’m posting it here to scratch out my head a bit…so senseless that it all started because a dog pissed on the carpet. I know the guy had a major screw loose and was a part of anti-government/racist groups and completely paranoid about the government taking his weapons away…but three officers are now dead because of it…it’s just tragic.

Deadly ambush in Stanton Heights claims the lives of 3 city police officers

Poplawski was ‘Braced for Fate’ in days leading to attack

…and I know there are a lot of debates about guns and such…but this wasn’t intended for that…more just to sort of vent a little and share what’s going on.

BC…Hon…You can’t explain crazy yanno?

Just ain’t no rhyme or reason.

stories like this hit to close to home for me. father and step-mom as well as numerous aunts and uncles are police officers! i pray that your city will deal with this and for the families involved.

Far better men that I will ever be. I couldn’t do the job these people do, and keep my sanity.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for those who do this job.

I sometimes wonder how many times my life has been saved from some future tragedy because of men like this.

I have a debt to these people I cannot repay.

[quote=“BadBoy@TheWheel, post: 1086805”]BC…Hon…You can’t explain crazy yanno?

Just ain’t no rhyme or reason.[/quote]

I know…it’s just sad all around…and not that you wish it on anyone, but to have it in your own back yard is a little jarring to say the least. :frowning:

What really rang true though was the integrity of the officers who got the shooter out of that house alive. For all intents and purposes, they had to walk past their fallen brothers to get him out…and they showed incredible restraint.

This is just so sad and tragic. Prayers going out to their families and friends.

awh thats horrible, they try to do theyre jobs and help people, they didn’t stand a chance. Those poor guys, there families must be devastated, thoughts are with their families and friends.

that hits close to home for me also. i have a very close friend who i work with in booking whose husband works on the motorcycle patrol in our town…