3000 tokens up for grabs

If you can answer this.

In 2006/2007, which Premiership player had the hightest shots to goals ratio? (i.e number of shots that went in)

You have till 24 ends (about 10pm UK time).

You all suck, the answer is John O Shea of Man United. He had five shots and scored with 4 of them, giving him an 80% success rate.


someone say something?

And that’s what all the students you lecture to say…

I WAS gonna say John O’Shea

Can I has the tokens anyway:D

Of course you were dear…

Actually, I was gonna say ME, but then remembered that was LAST season

I knew the answer wasn’t worth thinking that hard for.

I mean if it had been 30,000 tokenz…mebbe!

lol I just don’t alot bout football :stuck_out_tongue:

nor does john o’shea…hence only having 5 shots in a season

He IS a defender.:wink:

Actually, he can play anywhere. But first and foremost a defender.:stuck_out_tongue:

YouTube - O’Shea matchwinner vs. Liverpool