360 Circle Of Death

I just had mine die. I tried unhooking all the wires and turning it on and now i just get a weird image of that 360 logo with the green X in the middle frozen with weird pixels and stuff. Is there anyway for it to be repaired or did my $600 console plus games just die on me?.

I’ve heard of the Circle of Death, but I’ve never had it and I don’t know much about it. However I know it’s a terrible thing to get.

lol are you serious Nic…thas to delightfula:


Yeah i looked into it, i guess some 360’s are defective and get the red circle of death. Microsoft is charging $180 to send it in and repair it/send me a refurbished one which i think is retarded.

Yeah that sucks. My 360 for some reason would pick up the HD, so I sent it in and they sent me a new one, but for free. Imo you got screwed.

That is the hugest crock of shit I have ever heard! Oh my they would have a situation on their hands if they tried that shit with me. :mad

I’d be that guy.:ninja

Boom you’d kill them with a swipe of your panda paw.

You got tha right buddy. pops knuckles

I really think they treat their consumers like shit. We spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. We deserve better.

Yeah Microsoft are horrible when it comes to treating their customers.

That I why I have a death hate when it comes to dealing with this type of stuff.