4th of july weekend


:booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze :booze

what an awesome friggen weekend. saturday night drank till i cant remember, hooked up with some chick named alex, and she took my favorite ford hat…and i haven’t seen her since. sunday night drank some more and went to a concert at the campground we were stayin at and hooked up with a girl from the town i live near. she just happened to be at the beach right near where i was stayin. oh what a great weekend, at least i rememberd the 2nd chick i hooked up with, we weren’t even drunk, (only had a few mixed drinks-had to take it easy last night) so it turned out to be an ok weekend, i just knew it was gonna suk…oh well, gotta go call the new chica now and see what she’s up to… :rock :banana


sounds like good times …my weekend starts tonight :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :booze :hump :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :booze :hump :hump :hump :hump :booze :booze :booze


i was out of town for the whole week (house at the beach with friend). we took the stang down to Hilton Head Island, SC and scored different girls every night. we even had 2 or 3 girls a piece a few nights. now im back and high- oh so high :cool :rock :booze :rock :hump :cool :rock :rock




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