5.4 on 4.6?


one of my teachers has a 5.4 supercharger i think, not sure, and it deals with the air :lol

is there an intake manifold that will fit on my 4six that will use the 5four thing?

:dunno cuz he said he could cut me a deal :slight_smile:

ill see if i can get a picture of it monday…


I’m pretty sure it won’t work, same as the 03-04 Cobra blower will not fit the SOHC stang.


I dont think it will work either :dunno


I doubt they sell a 4.6 Intake Manifold adapter for the 5.4 supercharger…


right cause at least the blowers from a cobra are for the 4.6 engine, and they dont adapt. so i doubt one for an entirely different engine would work.


well, does anyone know of someone (or yourself) that might could use one, cuz the blower is just sitting there doing nothing…


does anyone on this site have a lightning? anyhoo sell it on ebay


I have a 4.2