5k tomorrow

I’m doing a 5k in the morning :willy_nilly:

Hopefully, I’ve trained enough and don’t keel over on the side of the road! Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Ooh fun! Good luck girl! I’m sure you’ll make it through just fine!

Good luck!!! :smiley: Have fun during the run and take pictures!!

good luck sweetie!!!

Good luck!


Good luck - can’t wait to hear how it went! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Run well, have fun, and good luck :thumbup

you are a better woman than me! good luck to you

It’s a beautiful day here in Florida to pound the pavement! And I’m off!!!

Seriously, before I go… let me tell yas about my dream. “I was ruuuuuuuunning”… (anyone??)

I was married to Forrest Gump in my dream!!! :24: :24:

Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Think of all his money… :smiley:

good luck

Which one are you running? My brother has been running up to and including half marathons all over Florida (and a few out of state) for a year or two now. He loves it and would run a lot more in he had the time and money to do it.

Good luck and have fun!

It wasn’t an official race… I run with the Orlando Women Runner’s each Saturday and this was our first 5k :smiley: My goal is to work up to the Disney Princess Half Marathon next March!

Ah, gotcha. My brother loves running races. If you run enough of them, you start to know the “serious” runners (people who do a lot of them but don’t make a career out of it). I bet a Disney race would be fun.

I just wanna be a Princess!!! Isn’t that every little (25 year old) girl’s wish!!!

in some peoples eyes you are a princess