70's glam rock

the sweet…ballroom blitz

YouTube - The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

slade…mame weer all crazee now

YouTube - Slade - Mama weer all crazee now

slade…take me bak 'ome

YouTube - Slade -take me bak 'ome(www.glamgreats.com)

david bowie…space oddity(i know…1969)

YouTube - David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

t rex…get it on

YouTube - 1973 Get It On : Marc Bolan T.Rex [High Quality]


I LOVED Sweet. Saw them in concert twice.

I remember reading one of Billy COnnelly’s books, and he would call Brian Connelly (no relation, and the singer of Sweet) Keith Richards, and someone else whose name escapes me

“Shake, Rattle and Roll”

Shake for Brian coz he had the “DT’s” all the time, Rattle for Keith because he was full of pills, and roll for the other one

Yeh that live T.Rex performance sucked.

always wanted to see Slade live

Ballroom Blitz…that was my walk up music once for kickball! lol 20th Century Boy by T-Rex rocks!

Of course Bowie is I’m not worthy

ok, from the 80’s but still a classic!

YouTube - Slade- Run Runaway

This is a better one. Lip synced

Check out who is playing piano :smiley:

YouTube - T-Rex-Bang A Gong(Get it on)

Billy Joel?

This is after the glam days but one of my favorite ones. I saw him do the Thin White Duke tour. Awesomeness.

YouTube - David Bowie-Wild Is The Wind

one of my many fave Bowie Songs.

Life On Mars

YouTube - David Bowie - Life On Mars?

[quote=“Alien Allen, post: 1093219”]one of my many fave Bowie Songs.

Life On Mars

YouTube - David Bowie - Life On Mars?[/quote]

funny, Bowie looks alot like Peter Gabriel circa 1972/3


Roxy Music


YouTube - ROXY MUSIC - Love Is The Drug (1975)

[quote=“pjbleek, post: 1093217”]Billy Joel?

Psst…I think that’s Elton. :wink:


when he had real hair on top :smiley:

that wasn’t Liberace?

[quote=“Alien Allen, post: 1093223”]yup

when he had real hair on top :D[/quote]

No wonder he shaved it bald so he could wear a piece…ahem ahem. :wink:

LOL Close but no…erm…cigar…ahem ahem…

what…are we playing Super Password?

[SIZE=1]the word is…cigar…for example…Prez. Clinton stuffed the cigar up Monica Blew-Bill-ski-poles p–y


alice cooper

YouTube - Alice Cooper - School’s out 1972

I never really thought of Alice as “glam”

David Bowie is sex on a stick. I saw his glass spiders tour at the Sydney Cricket ground:thumbup

Best Bowie song… (written about Iggy Pop)