79 Mustang pace car


I found one of these for a good price with a 4 cyl turbo. Does anyone know what they are worth or how rare they are?



They could only pace and not race. Maybe they could race Joe.


A Joe? :dunno


they arent incredibly rare nor are they that desirable cause those carb turbos really suxxored. i dont know…logically thinking, i’d rather have one of those gt350 ones or an svo as both are also rare, yet they are pretty reliable/moddable cause of fuel injection




Eberybody knows I’m a GM guy, so I’m only passing on something I heard from a Ford guy once. It was my boss back in the Air Force. He and his buddy used to tool around in one, and they loved it. Even though the power and sound of the V8 wasn’t there, he said there were almost exactly the same speed with the 4 banger having a slight advantage due to weight. I think it’s a cool idea, but not really for me. Is this going to be a daily driver car, or a weekend toy?


God, I remember them trooling around in the coal regions back in the day. I like them but wouldn’t buy one. I bet they’re dogs.


Ok, here I will fix it. Just take out the word “a”.


It would be a dailey driver with better milage than my GT


HAHAHA!!! I love your sense of humor. You always crack me up HS :lol


Story of my life. Everyone thinks I am a joke