8,000 posts…

Wasn’t it just about 2 weeks back that I had a 7,000 posts thread?

This just goes to show what you can do with a lot of smut, innuendo and stuff.

Congratulate me if you want, rep me in filthy form too. That’s all I want, no cakes

Congrats David.


Now I want cake! :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn it, what did I just say


You need spanking this morning!

Grats post whore!

:nod::nod::nod: :smiley:

LOL are you gagged and can’t speak this morning?

:eek :unsure: :ninja


Well Done, Mr Durden.


Congrats TD :D:thumbup

PW. :smiley:

J/K, congrats!

:o 8000! Now that is a lot of post whoring!

:ninja I can’t even wrap my brain around an 8 grand post count!

Congratz, all the same, T “to the keyboard” D! :clap


since you said not to I just gotta but its a little cake :stuck_out_tongue:,1234461049,14.jpg