everyone should have a moment of silence for those we lost 4 years ago today


WOW Bacon I had not even realized what day this was … :dunno


well I’ll never forget


Thank for reminding me that year was a bad one for me … 9-11 …my GRandma Died , and Dale Earnhardt was killed ,


Re: RE: 9-11

Are we forgetting something? Something that was a national tragedy four years ago …??

… something along the lines of planes were flown into the world trade towers killing thousands? And those who fought on flight 93, and don’t forget the people killed when the pentagon was hit by flight 77???

I can understand your grandma dying being a big part of that day, but Dale Earnhardt??


Well yes i agree with that 9-11 was a national thing … But lossing my Grand mother to me was as bad if not worse …now Dale well that was just sad but not near as important i agree


Yes, your grandma was a sad personal tragedy. Sorry for your loss, I don’t know what I’ll do when my grandparents go.

How’d she pass?


well i took care of her for the last 6 months of her life … and she died in front of my eyes … She had a tummer in her lungs and she drowned when her lungs filled with flowed … that is why it was so tramatic for me :frowning: