9 arrests in belfast

with the next euros being in poland it’ll be interesting how the authorities manage to blame the english when the poles start

Nine arrested over football clashes - Yahoo! News UK

Fucking idiots, simple as.

Soccer hooligans in UK are world famous

yet theres many countries with a worse problem than us,italy,spain,the whole of eastern europe,germany…the list is long…football in england is a family day out nowadays

Its very peaceful and enjoyable when the local clubs play with each other but when a foreign club plays with UK clubs then thats when the rival fans clash


Google it and u can find many instances every year. We even get the news in Singapore

Hooliganism isn’t really a big issue anymore, it was at it’s worse in the 80’s/90’s.
Family members of mine were a part of that crowd, so I know exactly how it was.

well you seem to know so much about it i was thinking you had the facts there in front of you

The last major West Ham hooliganism was caused by US fans kicking off in the US at a friendly, most probably because they had watch too much of that Green Street bollox. How you can sit their condemning British fans when you have Argentine and Russian hooligan gangs running around with guns shows that you have fed into the racist propaganda stirred up by the media.
Take all the crap they gave the English fans during the French world cup. What they conviniently forgot to mention was that it kicked off because French fans were riding past the English on scooters, stabbing them in the legs.

Oh look, on the news today, it’s those bloody British hooligans in Africa rioting!


Ivorian stadium stampede kills 19
At least 19 people have died in a crush at a football stadium during a World Cup qualifier in Ivory Coast.
More than 130 people were injured in the stampede at the Houphouet-Boigny arena in the West African country’s city of Abidjan.
About 36,000 spectators were in the stadium, where hosts Ivory Coast beat Malawi 5-0.
The BBC’s John James says the arena was packed for the return of striker Didier Drogba, who scored twice.
Our correspondent says the authorities tried in vain to control the panicking crowd. One report said the police had fired tear gas to control the stampeding fans.
Wall collapses
The ministry of sport and the Ivorian Football Federation have confirmed the number of deaths and say the incident occurred when thousands of fans tried to squeeze into the city’s main stadium.

                                    	      	             A wall collapsed, reportedly under the weight of the supporters, causing those already trying to squeeze into the stadium to panic. 
 	     	            Interior Minister Desire Tagro told state television: "Lots of fans showed up," reported AP news agency.      	     	            
 	     	            "They started pushing to get in because the match was about to start and each and every one of them wanted to get in."      	     	            
 	     	            The incident occurred before the game began but the fixture was allowed to go ahead, according to reports.      	     	            
 	     	            The stadium was reportedly sold out in advance of the game after cut-price tickets went on sale.      	     	        

                                                   	             			                            AFRICA FOOTBALL DISORDER 			                        
	     	            <li class="bull">     	     	            [B]     	     	            May 2008:     	     	            [/B]     	     	              	Two-day riot over club's relegation in Algerian city     	     	            <li class="bull">     	     	            [B]     	     	            May 2001:     	     	            [/B]     	     	              	 Stadium crush in Ghana's capital Accra kills 126     	     	            <li class="bull">     	     	            [B]     	     	            April 2001:     	     	            [/B]     	     	              	 Match stampede at Congolese city leaves 14 dead     	     	            <li class="bull">     	     	            [B]     	     	            April 2001:     	     	            [/B]     	     	              	 Crush at Ellis Park in Johannesburg leaves 43 dead     	     	            <li class="bull">     	     	            [B]     	     	            July 2001:     	     	            [/B]     	     	              	Disorder at World Cup qualifier in Zimbabwe kills 13     	     	                                 
       	      	             The arena has just been refurbished but our correspondent says at this stage it seems the sheer number of people who wanted to get into the match proved too much. 

Other European-based stars playing in Sunday’s game were Drogba’s Chelsea team-mate Salomon Kalou, as well as Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue of Arsenal.
The home side also featured Tottenham’s Didier Zokora, Sevilla’s Ndri Romaric and Marseille forward Bakari Kone.
Hundreds of fans have died during riots and stampedes at football games across Africa over the last decade.
Correspondents say poorly-equipped security forces are often unable to control the crowds.

                       Story from BBC NEWS:

Hooliganism is in the british soccer culture especially when they play abroad and if it involves foreign teams playing on homeground (lol even when no british team is involved)

Yeah, I gotta agree, but that could be because thats all we get from the media.

You dont here of them rioting in England, only when overseas, but then again it takes 2 to tango

your starting to wind me up now

[quote=“cam elle toe, post: 1077841”]

You dont here of them rioting in England, only when overseas, but then again it takes 2 to tango[/QUOTE]

trust me…football is a family day out in england now

I was agreeing with you. You dont hear of rioting at club matches in England, only English fans in foreign countries.

LOL, dont get too worked up. Just watch your blood pressure - 120/80 with a pulse of 60 to 70 is just fine

more often than not the english fans get the blame whether its them or not

Well, if it makes you feel any better, our fans (our football games) can’t fight because we’re usually too drunk and filled with processed pork products after the tailgate… :24:

Thats probably true too, and its the fault of the media