90s Songs?


It’ll probably be impossible to find out, but I can’t let myself not ask this. There was a CD I remember being advertised on TV about a 90s song CD. It had, obviously, 90s songs playing throughout the commercial. I am dying to know, what was the name of the CD?? I have some songs that were on during the commercial and that are on the CD-

Inside Out - Eve 6
Blue(Daba De) - Eiffel 65
The Cranberries - Zombie
311 - All Mixed Up
Amber - This is your night

I found a picture of a CD cover that I think looks kind of like what that CD cover did(This isn’t the cover of the CD I’m looking for)


Thanks for any help guys.


I have that CD. That’s the name of it, nonstop 90s rock.


the songs you have listed that you said were in the commercial wasnt listed in the product details…