911 for England?


So what do you all think??? What should we do now??? Keep at 'em till gas is $5 a gallon, and 25,000 more lives are lost, or do we give in and say Uncle???


or push the big red button…



Do you guys think the bombing had anything to do with the Olympics that were suppose to be held in London? :dunno


I think it sucks for England and now we’re working extra shifts here


Re: RE: 911 for England??

if it was, i think there 7 years just a little early… :tard


Its just funny that the bombing came just 1 day after London was awarded the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games.


The media wants us to think it is Osama/Al Qeada (sp?) because they are in Iraq with us. Or maybe it could be the Summit??? Oh wait…thats right the Olympics. But no one is mentioning the convention the Israli’s are holding in London today??? :dunno


I am in the dark!! What happened?? I didnt work today, so I havent been watching the news…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t gas already 5 bucks a gallon over there? Or at least close to it?


Eh, theres nothing we can do to stop it, like like a diease, you can take steps to prevent it but in reality you can never fully get rid of it, and at some tiems you will need to deal with the consiquences…

I dunno, the war in iraq will be going on forever if we have decided to stay in tehre till teh attacks stop comong, casue tehy will never stop if we are there…

Im just not the biggest fan of bush, there are plenty of others who would be much better leaders…

To bad John McCain didnt get nominated in 2000…


They attacked us BEFORE we were over there, so I don’t see how leaving would help the situation. We need to make the countries who support these terrorists realize that we won’t tolerate it. We’ll probably never stop terrorism, but we can at least make their lives alot more difficult. And I don’t think it was related to the Olympics because it happened a day after the announcement, and something like this probably takes longer than a day to plan.


Re: RE: 911 for England??

unless they had people in each city awaiting the news, and then they had to wait for comfirmation from the higher ups, which would take about a day…

i say lets push the big red button


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t gas already 5 bucks a gallon over there? Or at least close to it?[/quote]

I do think it is up to about $5 over there…but their higher gas taxes pays for their healthcare…when I said the $5 a gallon I was referring to us WITHOUT any benefits. Of course if we are at $5 then they will be at $8 a gallon.

Something’s got to give!!!


No matter what steps you take to prevent attacks. Someone will find away to terrorize the public. The only thing WE can do as a nation and our allies is to not give up. Never let them believe we are afraid of them or we are afraid to stand up for what we believe in.


push it, push it… :smiley:


ok, no body fill me in! lol


london’s tranportation system was bombed and shutdown in rush hour (trains, busses, subways…) and now we should be having thw UK as a total ally in the war on terror.