A challange


to anyone that can beat my score in Alus Revenge and take my trophy the only catch is you have to do it by the time I get off work tomorrow morning at 0600…I will give the person 500 of my own tokens from my pocket…now just bring it


you know what I’ll up the ante cause I don’t think any of you can beat me…1000 tokens from my pocket to yours if you can take my trophy by 600am tomorrow…I get nothing out of this except the satisfaction knowing I’m the best…lol…bring it on


This is the gaming section not the challenges section whats up with that :dunno




well its a challange for a game


the challenge is open to everyone on the forum


I am already in the top ten and I never played it before :smiley:


thats not that hard I could make top ten by the second level


I’ll give it a try. Cant promise anything.


It has been brought, now pay up sucka. :smiley:


damn dude I didn’t think anyone would get it


Re: RE: A challange

[quote=UncleBacon]damn dude I didn’t think anyone would get it[/quote] :owned


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She :owned Bacons ass :rofl


everone owns Bacon


I own Bacon. He’s in my fridge right now :banana I just had a plate of Bacon about an hour ago.