A couple I wrote for my Mom decades ago

Since Mother’s Day is coming up…

Mother (copyright 1980 under Charmer’s real name)

You brought me up with the best of care
and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Mother, you were the one who kept me going
through sickness and depression
You loved me and I loved you
No one could take that from us
Now I’m ready to go on the road of manhood,
leaving behind…
my childhood dreams,
my childhood loves,
my childhood schemes
But still in my heart,
the love we both shared
will keep going on strong

Mother, I love you
You mean the world to me
and I will never forget
that you were the one who gave me my life
so I could be a part of yours

I love you, Mom
I’ll love you whenever
I’ll love you wherever
I’ll love you forever
I Love You

good writing. way to get into mother’s day.

This is Your Day (copyright 1982 under Charmer’s real name)

Remember the roads you travelled,
people you would meet
all the hard times you had to beat
Remember when you were growing up
and you wanted to be a kid forever
and then, remember, when you wanted kids of your own,
a good life, a happy home
You may have not fulfilled all your dreams yet
but as of now, I think you turned out great
and through my years,
I’ll be in debt
for all the wonderful times I had in my childhood
Though I may not show it sometimes
and you may not hear me say
I’m very lucky to have you
and this is your day
When I was young, you held my hand,
but now that I’m grown,
I try to do things on my own
and I hope you understand
the times I wanted to tell you
the things I wanted to do,
but I didn’t
and I’m sorry if those times
were hard times I put you through
There’s one thing I want you to know
You have been and always will be
my greatest hope and inspiration
through all the good and bad times
through difficult situations
Though I may not show it sometimes
and I might find it hard to say
I’m very lucky to have you
and I’m glad you’re this way
I love you very much
and this is your day

Beautiful words Charmer.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your words.

I was just a little kiddie back then…

Do you still write?

Once in awhile. I wrote some “poems” earlier this year that are posted in this section that were brand new at the time. My most productive times were 1980-1985, 1990-1992 and 1996-1998; it’s been sporadic ever since.

Ver y Nice Poetry Charmer,

I am sure your Mother loved them both.

Both poems are great, Charmer. I particularly liked your second one, This Is Your Day.