A Murder on the Grill

So my birthday party is this saturday and I am having a murder mystery party.Here is a copy of the invitation I sent to my friends that are coming (the all rsvp’d a while ago I just sent them want we were actually doing today) what do you think about the idea? Does it just sound corny and stupid for a swet 16? I would rather have a party with my 6 closest friends then with them plus 50 kids that happen to be my friends, I just don’t really know them or like them much. Anyways here is a copy, I got it from a kit we got in one of those white elephant things from chrsitmas, so I don’t know who the killer is either:

The 50’s–hula hoops, hot rods, black leather jackets. It was the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll and backyard cookouts. The setting for this mystery is the suburban home of Tom Dooley in Kansas City, Mousuri. Tom, owner of local car dealership, ‘Honest Tom’s’ and master of the charcoal grill, has invited his friends and neighbors over for a Barbecue and Rock & Roll party.

A sudden thundershower sends the geusts rushing into the house while Tom stays behind to finish cooking the chicken. When the squall ends a short time later, Tom’s guests return outdoors to find a lifeless body lying beside the barbecue and the chicken burning to a crisp (why we are getting pizza or subway) It is a case of a coldblooded murder over a hot grill and you ARE a suspect.

The geust List:

You have been invited to be sixteenth birthday party this Saturday night. It’s called ‘Murder on the Grill’ and it is a murder mystery party. I expect you all to come in character at 5:30 PM Saturday night to my house.

The guest list is as follows:

Johnny Angel—A mechanic who can fix anything on wheels
Bobby Sox—Tom’s sweet little sister
Chubby Cheddar—A Rock & Roll Musician
Barby Q—A dazzling blond divorce
Ivan Spudnik—A Russian Rocket Scientist
Tiara Diamond—Toms pretty finance

I’m going to be Barby Q, because I am both blond and dazzling :smiley:

Ryan, you are Ivan Spudnik because you know how to do empirical and molecular formulas and you are upssesed with Vlad and the Russian mafia.

Paloma, you are Bobby Sox, because you have an older brother and you look very much so innocent, sweet, and ‘little.’

Max—Your Chubby Cheddar cuz you rock at guitar hero (or at least you used to)

Rebecca—Your Tiara Diamond because you have the looks and your sister has the height.

Elizabeth—Sorry, but your Johnny Angel, because it’s the only one left :(. We’ll just call you Angel, and pretend it’s a female character!

What do you think?

Pesonally I find it corny but that is just me.

Sounds like a cool approach. I don’t have the imagination to try something like this.

I just wanna party at a party & that’s the only thing that comes to MY mind. I tend to get single minded when it comes to teh partiez.:rockon:

[quote=“shocker69, post: 1084084”]Sounds like a cool approach. I don’t have the imagination to try something like this.

I just wanna party at a party & that’s the only thing that comes to MY mind. I tend to get single minded when it comes to teh partiez.:rockon:[/quote]

Well you can’t really have a dance party with 6 friends, and all my others ones don’t party. The last party I went to,6 girls sat in the corner and chatted about how much cleavage they were going to show this summer and everyone else stood around and glared at anyone that wasn’t in their group, while me and my only other real friend at the said party stood in the corner, blasted music, and sanced for like 3 hours straight with everyone else staring at us lol.

Sounds like a blast to me!

So who is going to be Tom and who is the one that actually KNOWS what the ending is supposed to be???

I like the idea, actually…it’s unique.

Sounds too complicated for me, glad I’m old enough to get bladdered instead. :wink:

Have fun and a lovely birthday though! :thumbup:nod::slight_smile:

I think it sounds awesome! I keep trying to get John to take me to a Murder Mystery Dinner, but he won’t.

Definitely let us know how it goes!

You will have fun with it.

That’s a very cool idea. :thumbup

lol I wish the borthday parties I went to when I was that age were like that!
its unique and interesting, please do let us know how it goes!

how does the actually event work… forgive me for being dumb… is is like a treasure hunt… like running round finding clues?

Sounds like a fun idea. Hope you have a blast!

I gave all the guests characters (including myself) and one of us is the murderer, and we are all suspects. I got it from a kit I got for christmas, so I don’t even know who the murder is.

We each get a character booklet, it’s kind of like a script, first we do a dialogue, then we listen t opart of a tape, then we do another dialogue, and in between stuff we interrage each other (we are given things that we are allowed to say, things we are allowed to say if they directly ask us about it, and just things were not allowed to say, but can know about ourselves). At some point during the dinner the murderer will be informed that they did it. Then at the end we will make our accusation and finally Dazzling Dan (the guy on the tape) will announce who the murderer is.

this actually sounds good

that sounds like fun let us know how it goes

also happy sweet 16

that sounds awesome… i think im just geeky enough to love this game…

sounds fun to me!