A new toy for me


I got tired of feeling bad about the stang so Im buying mahself a new toy. :smiley: Im getting an 02 Suzuki SV650S. It has a Yoshimura RS-3 full exhaust, a K&N filter and K&N re-jet kit. It comes with a $450 AGV Demonback helmet with original and mirror tinted visors. The bike has 7000 miles on it and was laid over not too long ago but only $450 in damage done. The damage is all cosmetic anyways. Im getting al this for $2400. Cant wait. :smiley: Ill post pics as soon as I get em.


:rock Enjoy


Way to go Boss but your not to blame for the stang … But thats a cool new TOY hope you enjoy it … :banana :banana :lol :lol


Thanks, I know I will enjoy it. Its been beautiful outside for the last few days. Ive wanted a bike for a long time now. This year I will actually have a bike to ride instead of getting the fever and wishing I had one. :banana :rock


Thanks T. I know it wasnt my fault. Ive decided to tear it down and fix it but Im just not in the mood to fool with it right now. i need something I can play with now Im just kinda burned out on turning teh wrenches. :smiley: Im hoping that the problems with the tranny were behind it locking up. I think its a possibility that the clutch scattered and locked up against the flywheel. Quite a few people told me this is a good possibility. So Ive got mah fingers crossed that when I tear it down this is all thats wrong. :dunno


You dont think the 3rd gear cluster went do you ??? Cause i had that happen in the 91 and believe me that was the weridest thing … it was me early one morning i had to be at work … went out side to get in the car… Put my foot on the clutch the car started … and when i let out the clutch … what assaulted my ears was well … Not good at all sounded like some one had dumped marbles in my transmission … and i had to miss work ( ended up lossing my job ) and had to have a freind with his rollback come pick my car up …Believe me when i say my X got his ASS reamed and did not drive that car again for i think it was 6 months … I WAS PISSED


You know T, Im really not 100% sure what it is. Im just crossin mah fingers that its only the tranny and not the motor. The only reason I think it might even be the tranny is because I was having problems with it and it could have went. The thing is though, It didnt sound like a scattering noise or a bad grind, it just clunked 3 times and locked up completely on the 3rd time. The starter wont turn it or anything it just clicks. I havent tried turning the motor backwards yet to free it up I just havent had the gumption to fool with it. I will soon enough tho. :smiley:


Oh Hum have you thought timeing chain ??? are CLutch a clunk and then no turn over ??? Something broke :tard