A question for those in the UK who oppose Gun rights


Tyrannical government, defence of home property, for country side folks it helps with pests, pretty nice reasons,


Most people don’t live in the country side and tyrannical government can’t be defeated by a few “militiamen” with shitty guns.


Well, actually historical precedent heeds that having a militia with “shitty” guns is an excellent way both in the short term and long term to increase the security of a nation and state. And people from state (remember an entire country , now the hegemony of the western world was built by said militias?) . You mentioned hunters ie folks who live in deep suburbs and country side, so i expanded upon it,


That was 300 years ago when the only guns were muskets. Now there are far more advanced weapons and robot drones. And hunters barely exist in england. Barely anything to hunt.


And canons and grenades and a whole host of other weopons including ones that we would call full auto by todays standards.

Drones have some of the highest failure rates for missions (they tend to produce more of what your trying to kill off, not less as the americans have proven) , and advanced weapons only matter in open fields of battle, as the IRA has demonstrated,

Simple organization did this to london, a very small one comprising of literally a few thousend militia,


Sure, it’d be pretty cool if America had no guns, but there’s no realistic way to achieve that. Criminals will continue to be able to get them smuggled in from Mexico and Central America, gun legislation has done little to put a dent in gun crime.

A gun ban works well in the U.K. for gun crime because you aren’t bordered by a mass amount of poor countries with gang problems pumping guns into your country.


Or more importantly, its an island. Much easier to enforce borders if you are an island, gun smuggling in central europe is easy to pull off.

@Sir_Mobutu_of_Devonshire , what will you do once the 3d printer gun smiths figure out how to print bullets for their 3d printed guns and then basically anyone can get a gun in the UK for piss cheap? 3d printers are already fairly common, easily acquirable and themselves getting cheaper,


TBH it’s not that far off, there’s already cheap 3D printed guns that can shoot up to 10 bullets before they fall apart.


i think they got it up to 600 now actually


You’re kidding


This is one of them from a while ago

there has not been any recent news articles on the topic however


Yeah I know America is different and gun bans won’t work. But they do in England and that’s a fact.


well, until 3d printers figure out how to print proper bullets.


Most people can’t use 3D printers.


It isnt very difficult to learn how to use them, and to make those guns have step by step instructions. They are also progressively getting cheaper and less expensive, assuming you don’t live in the country side were techies are low theres a good chance you know someone who owns one or has direct access to one.


Probably not. Even in most cities most people don’t know “techies”. Suprisingly ordinary people DON’T have access to advanced technology and smart arses.


3d printers arent advanced tech, well the industry level ones are, however these guns were made by enthusiasts who wouldnt have access to them,
Smart asses? Everyone has access to one of those, im sure theres a random smart ass in your area, theres plenty i know.

These are the highest end ones for consumer level, but you can get a much simpler one that will do a similiar if not the same job for a hundred quid, depending on what exactly you need.


You don’t live in Iraq, you’re being paranoid.


notice how i mentioned the word risk.


No? Unless I’m being completely blind.