A question for those in the UK who oppose Gun rights


the plausibility of a tyrannical government, ie the risk of one occurring, at post 27, not blind, just didn’t read the earlier parts of the argument,


Well in the UK that’s so minute it’s barely worth talking about.

Besides, we don’t need guns to fight the government:


No, but we the irish were british citizens we did, because we actually had to deal with the british army


You had to deal with the British Army because you were militant; not forgetting of course that the North East didn’t even want independence.

And it’s widely agreed upon by Brits that the IRA hindered the whole process.

In the same way that for a long time it was regarded that the Suffragettes hindered the cause for women’s suffrage.


So I read through British gun laws (excluding northern Ireland because guns for self-defense are actually legal there) and it turns out your allowed to own firearms including semi-autos, and use them for self-defense so long as the reason for owning them isn’t explicitly self defense (ie sports shooting)

Also, guns ownership for self defence was a perfectly fine reason to own a firearm until 1968, interestingly enough


Of course, who was arguing you couldn’t?

It’s very restricted, but they’re not banned per se.


BTW US homicide rates are so high largely because of dense urban centers.
In rural states it’s like 1 per 100,000, comparable to that of Europe


I cited a source that indicated the gun murder rate had nothing to do with gun concentration which led to oli ceding to the fact that gun owners are extremely unlikely to commit a crime with them, keep in mind he made the point that he basically feels safe because no one has guns in the UK, yes that’s the level of anti-gun culture the UK has and the context of the argument.


England and most european countries have those too you know?

Why wouldn’t he or anyone else feel safe because there are so few guns in England? I don’t have to be worried about being mowed down just walking about on the streets.


Because it’s a foolish and ignorant fear, it’s like an irrational fear of the chocolate people.


That’s a terribly demeaning word for Africans I must say.

When you look at the crime rates of many American cities it really isn’t.


You’re a bloody genius.
Homicide and violent crime rates in US cities are comparable to those in European cities.
Please don’t mention that the USA has a population larger than the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain combined.


There are more gun deaths in the U.S., but it’s still is a fairly small number.

It really boils down to “is the 0.0003% more deaths worth the benefits of owning a gun?” So how many lives does the ownership of a gun save or improve?


if you look under 25 obviously … don’t need an ID for a grandpa.


I would disagree, and those of mine whom ive directly called my chocolates also would disagree. Chocolates taste nice after all :wink: haha


this has many meanings in this context.


Hello everyone, I have actually written an article on this topic with regards to the Second Amendment: https://medium.com/@ericysong007/gun-rights-and-the-second-amendment-4f76db8f00ea


And may I ask how effective those bans have been?


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I didn’t know that. And I was hoping that someone else could answer in their place