A sad day


2 little girls, ages 2 yrs and 8 months, were locked in a car today for over an hour. No idea where Mom was at. They were left at a gas station. A city policeman broke the window in the car and brought them to the hospital. She had to strip the clothes off the babys and the 2 yr old didnt have a fever but the 8 month old had a fever of over 105! It made me so mad They were precious babies and I dont understand why a mother would do that to her own children!


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thats fucking stupid. people like that shouldnt even be able to have kids. i dont care if i have to go in somewhere for a minute. if its just me and my kid i am taking him/her in with me.


Two words…Capital Punishment


Has there been any other news on this??? Was the mother/father/guardian abducted? Before you condem the person that left them in there, find out WTF happened.


Yes they were abducted by aliens but still


thats the kind of shit that pisses me off. i cant stand when people do that. i mean, unless something honestly happed to the parent, but if not, i hope the find the sob and put 'em in jail. they wont be there long. theyll take care of him/her their own way. and i wont feel sorry for 'em


wow! thats screwed up! She should be locked up in a car until she dies! Glad the kids are ok though.