A sad sight

vBulletin Message [LEFT]Sorry, there are no new threads to view.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]You may search for threads updated during the previous 24 hours, here.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Get posting people![/LEFT]

Oh shut it S’teen :stuck_out_tongue:

Make me :stuck_out_tongue:

no new threads? dude ive been here a few times today and there has been new stuff all over the place, are you in the right forum?

He needs to hit ‘New Posts’ maybe. :smiley:

I do hit new posts, just when i did, it had no new posts.

What time did you do this? Must have been when many of us were sleeping. :smiley:

2 hours ago.


[quote=“Springsteen, post: 1082139”][LEFT]Get posting people![/LEFT]
I know, I felt physically sick too.

sorry, I was snoozing at that time :slight_smile: