A (sort of) return


Hey, so of you who don’t know me I’m Republican; for those of you who do know me it’s good to see you all again. I’ve been going through my emails and a whole load of backed up YD emails were there so I thought I’d fill you in on how I’m doing and where I stand politically. So much s*** has happened since I was last here so I don’t know how many of you I still know…


  • I still feel very strongly about a united Ireland, but not in its’ current form as an amalgimation of the North with the Republic on current terms. Rather, a new united Ireland would offer the chance for genuine reconciliation on the island with a new constitution and Bill of Rights to protect the Unionist minority. It would allow the North to remain as a member of the EU (as they voted for in June) and as such give Ireland a firmly internationalist outlook.

  • #Can’tStumpTheTrump…

In all seriousness, I do think on polling day I would’ve voted Trump over Clinton. To be honest, I now disagree with quite a lot of Trump’s policies so far but in fairness he has done exactly what he said he would, such a rare asset in politics. Something I would like from Trump in future would be to genuinely stop acting in his business interests and like a dictator - he was very critical of Obama’s use of Executive Orders but most of Trump’s action has come this way. He needs to work more with people whom he disagrees with, exemplified by the baffling decision to fire his Acting Attorney General and encouraging the Dept of Homeland Security to act in defiance of court orders.

I think that America has to get rid of the Electoral College - that’s Gore and Clinton this century alone who have lost the Presidential election despite winning the popular vote. The Electoral College makes a large portion of votes worthless - in safe states in particular - and all votes in a state if their candidate loses.

  • Brexit…

Very happy that the courts have said Article 50 must be triggered by Parliament, as the British sovereign. Very ironic that Brexiteers wish to reinstate British sovereignty but actually overlook and ignore the British sovereign… Anyway, in this way, a Brexit plan that the Leave campaign promised can be delivered, rather than just a hard and total Brexit.

Anything else just ask. I had largely fell away from this website with the (new) interface compared to previous. Plus I’ve been extremely busy with University, but I’ll try to make a genuine effort to dab in and out of here. Peace.


Are you a democrat?


Welcome back bromingo.

Still on the left?


Welcome back dude! Hope you stick around!

@arcticmog is Irish, don’t know what he thinks about Irish unification though.

What have you been up to? How’s your day goin?


Which uni are you from, as for reunification, is it worth pursuing still? N.I would remain a dependent economically speaking for decades. If you thought 2008 was bad


Nice to see you back, broski.

He studies at LSE, IIRC.


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Ma man

Yeah, but while Parliament is binding, it shouldn’t need a vote on what the public has decided, and therefore that duty should be place upon the HoG, which as much as I dislike her, is May.

Also welcome back


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Of course Parliament shouldn’t vote - their vote happened on the EU Referendum Bill.


Between the Democratic and Republican parties, I would identify closest with the progressive wing of the Democratic party and Sanders would’ve been my prefered candidate. I couldn’t deal with the possibility of having Clinton pandering to Wall Street and the military-industrial complex, whereas Trump has been quite erratic in his support of each.


Indeed I am sir! Nice to hear from you again. I don’t really like having the ideological label because it implies outright support for all policies of that nature, which isn’t true of me and the left. I still prefer Keynesian economics and am largely socially liberal.


Hey Lake! Yes I do obviously support Irish unification, in answering @arcticmog 's question. I have been quite good and just been thinking a lot about where I stand. Thankfully life continues to treat me well.

Correct. LSE 2nd year IR student. Good to hear from you again!

Good to hear from you again away from nihilistic Snapchat stories.

Thank you! Good to hear from you.

Which legislated for an advisory referendum. I still think MPs should vote in the manner in which their constituents did because that is the mandate they are elected on. What I do find pathetic, however, is attempts to stop and English and Welsh exit. NI and Scotland, however, should be given special status within the EU along the lines of Greenland (left the EEC in 1985) falling under Danish jurisdiction.


Doesn’t matter. There was an advisory referendum, as you say, and the executive should choose whether to act in favour or against it. The executive in this case has been overruled for the first time in history in saying that Parliament is responsible for foreign treaties and not the PM through royal prerogative.

There is no legal precedent to force the executive to give Parliament a vote on triggering Article 50 specifically.

This would not exist with any other referendum because there was nothing to do on the Scottish referendum. No articles to trigger. No Parliament votes. Merely a clean exit.

This is nothing more than remoaners trying to change the result.

So strip them of their representation in the national parliament and require them to be fiscally self-sufficient in the eventual aim of making them independent? (Although this eventual aim is taking 50 years for Greenland while it pays into Denmark and receives little back)

Basically a long-term revenue-generating colony.

I’m in favour.


So, Are you a Sinn fein lad?


Yes I am. If that still has negative connotations I’d be surprised.


It hold negative connotations because for most of SF’s history it was literally just this;


And well, why would anyone trust a former terrorist party with a suspected history of war crime/terrorist crimes, in control of the party, The best thing for SF in my opinion would be that everyone involved in the troubles in any serious capactity be removed from power and replaced by those who live and are GFA focused. The Unionists are literally terrified of the republic, and I am not surprised, considering we have to have a fucking “peace” wall in berlin for fucks sakes, just to keep both sides from murdering each other. Although credit is due, Gerry did end the terrorism of the ira, he cleaned up the party and is generally speaking now a relatively speaking respectable politician, after all the GFA was signed with the idea that we all fundamentally want to live in a free society. But my beef with them politically is, what happens once we unify?


No offence, but this is a very narrow view of Irish politics and history. Sinn Féin hasn’t been a ‘Brits Out’ party since the 1950s. Sinn Féin’s narrtive since has been about the positive aspects of unity which is why Unionist fears baffle me, and I find that rich coming from them when they oppressed Irish citizens fo 40 years. Unionist culture and religion is already protected in the Republic and arguably they would have more influence in an all-Ireland executive rather than a powerless devolved government, given the electoral system always throwing up coalitions.

You raise the point of a former terrorist party and even then that isn’t totally correct. The PIRA has disbanded, and the political leadership SF has been independent of the IRA since the late 1970s. And, well, pretty much all of SF’s frontbenchers are from the new generation. Shame for the Unionists, they have no strawmen left to accuse of being terrorists in government. They have a new pastime anyway - blowing £500m of taxpayers’ money…

Sinn Féin aren’t just pro-unification but are socialist also (a platform I disagree with to the extent SF are pushing it). A united Ireland wouldn’t be just NI being absorbed into the existing structure in the Republic but an exciting opportunity to rewrite the Constitution along the lines it should be; totally secular and treating all people of the island of Ireland as equals.


Even though we still dont fully agree on some things… Ive missed you…

All we need now is @LibSoc back and the Celtic mafia can be reformed…


I cannae wait for that mafia to return and instigate the much-needed Celtic revolution.