A Summer full of unfortunate events


My summer has been slam packed with unfortunate events. First, one of my good friends growing up and neighbor committed suicide. Less than a month ago my Uncle got killed in brush hogging accident, which is still under investigation. So last night, one of my best friends who is like a brother to me and my family had a very bad accident. He races quads nationally. This was the last race this weekend and it was at tennesse. He was in the points race and needed a good finish to have a chance. He was in first place with a couple laps left and he came up short on a table top and took a nose dive. Right now he is at Vanderbilt(sp) medical center in critcle condition. He has two broken eye sockets, his palete (roof of mouth) is broken in two places, most of his teeth are broken out, he has brain swelling, and blood in his lungs. The doctors are uncertain if he will make it, but it appears that things might be okay for him. The good news is he isn’t paralyzed.

I can’t wait for this summer to be over and get back to school…


Year 2000 was like that for me…I hope things get better for you



damn man, i feel for ya…


i just got word that it looks like my friend is going to be okay. They moved him to a different room, but he is still in critical care. Basically everything in his face is broken except his jaw… his eye sockets, nose, temples, cheeks, palete, teeth etc. They are gonna do surgery on it friday.


Best of luck to your friend


wow, that really sucks! Best of luck to him and a speedy recovery- I hope he’s not in too much pain.

And I hope your luck turns around soon as well.


the video of the crash…



Re: RE: A Summer full of unfortunate events…

[quote=OUZBnd]the video of the crash…






yea… you can see how the back end kicked up. If you listen you can hear him rev the crap out of it trying to bring it back down, but there just wasnt enough time


is he doing any better yet?


He is so lucky to be alive! Very lucky man! Let us know how he is doing.


dude, that woulda been awesome if he walked away, but that would also be impossible…