A vain surgery!


If you could choose one vanity surgery to have, what would you elect to do to yourself?

Maybe, to just give us a chuckle, name a surgery that you’d like to see one of your fellow OTzillians have as well!


lipo…or maybe a boob job…

nahh lipo


Butt transplant. Mine’s got a crack in it.


designer vagina on TD


Liposuction maybe.


What the…:eek

If that hadn’t made me LOL I’d be so pissed right now!!


I dunno, maybe I’ll get my hunch back fixed or a third leg reduction…




Ignoring the designer vagina for a moment (grrrrr)

I would have surgery to make my yanno 11 inches

It’s really unwieldy carrying around this 12 inch thing…oh I crack me up!!!

Seriously though…I’d llikely go for kerototomy (lasik) if I could have any surgery. Nothing else interests me


Seriously if it were an option I would get myself a pair of wings…

But since we are in the real world, I would love to get better dental work done… not just what my insurance will let me get.


Lasik eye surgery, and implants in 10 years. I’d also consider veneers.


I’ve thouight about lipo but fuck that there’s too many dangers. Bottom line just be happy with what you got; Unless you absolutely need the surgery.


Boob reduction.


tsk tsk


Boob lift.


See I can understand that FAR more than having fake boobs


A boob lift for me too. Tho, I should have never watched the surgery on tv:eek


Laser eye surgery!