A welcome break!


I dunno about where you guys are, but the heat up here has been persistent as hell, literally.

Although I like hot over cold, the past few weeks have been insane.

We saw an average of between 85-95 for two weeks solid through the day. Today was 75 and windy, and now it’s down to 60 and windy. It feels cold, but damn it’s a welcome break. It’s nice and cool in my apartment.

Working in a giant non air conditioned warehouse doing physical work was no break either, I’d be soaking in sweat from 11:30 to whenever we got sent home.

Whats it like where you guys are?


The weather is the same over here. It’s so hot sometimes, it kills me.

It’s days like those that I wish I never bought a black car. :fu


Are your windows tinted Rach? That really helps, a lot.


Eh, it’s been pretty warm outside the past few weeks. It usually averages around 93-99, humid, and a VERY slight breeze, but today it was 103. We keep the pool cool, though. The AC usually stays on 70, and my bedroom fan stays on high. I hate cold weather, but I can’t sleep unless I’m cold. Even if it means strippin down to undies. I love warm weather, but I can’t sleep when I’m hot. I know that makes sense to y’all.


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I know. I’ve been meaning to get it done, but unwanted expenses keep getting in the way. Now I gotta order more contacts, which takes some of the cash I was saving for that. maybe I can weasel my man into paying for it. haha.


Its been in the steadily in the 90s here. But its been in the 70s at night. Makes for a noice bike ride home at night. I just feel like rolling the throttle back and going right on passed my driveway. :rock :rock


been in the mid to high 90’s here all week, but insanely humid, 98ls1 can vouch for nc’s sick ass humidity.


sc is about high 80s… kinda hot for the top down… i like upper 70s…

i need a/c back, something about a low pressure sensor or something like that… (at autotech when school was still in schedule) we popped the hood, located condeser(?) and he bypassed something and told me to look at the belt where the a/c kicks in… and then put it on max a/c, it engaged… so im a little low on a/c fluid or whatever its called…

and it sux without no a/c… especially when it rains and my breath fogs up the windows, and the rear defrost only defrosts the bottom half… where would i look to fix that?

or should i ask at mm.com? but not much activity over there right now…
is mm.com public? or should i say “exposed to search engines”?


If all you need is a recharge, go to any auto shop. Freon should run you about 7 bux/ pound for R-134A and about 50 bux/ pound for R-12. You should have R-134A. Labor should run about 30-60 bux.


just got mine recharged in my truck last week, only cost 20 bux total, and now the a/c blows at 55 degrees. :cool


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jones ford is around the corner… might talk to them tomorrow


It would be a lot easier on the pocket to go to an independant garage. They do the same work at a more reasonable price. Dealerships will want to do a vaccuum test, add dye, do a sniffer test to try and find the leak etc. etc. etc… Take it to a shop and theyll just charge it and send you on your way.


okey dokey…

thinks which garages around here does that thing…

thinks a trip around rivers ave is in order to read signs

looks around… sorry, was thinking to myself


The only reason I say is because an independant will just fix it and send you on your way while a dealership will want to do all the other stuff and charge you $65/hour labor rate PLUS parts!


it was so damn hot today that it took 10 minutes on high for my ac to start blowin cold air.


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no doubt, cuz i got a quote on a new convertible top, and they wanted like $2300 just for parts… yea… um… no…

so i got a place i think will do it for prolly 2 large installed… so i just gotta wait on the cash…

btw… frankie’s fun park just “put my app on file”… so not much at that end…


:wtf :gay


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y u teasin lol



you shush, mister.


I just wanna see…lol