A word about "andcuriouser"

Allow me to Introduce to you, …andcuriouser,

Also known to the many of us who love him as Leland

I. How did you choose your User name?
My favourite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so my username is part of the phrase “curiouser and curiouser”. I just figured that “curiouser” looked lonely and awkward by itself.

2. What is one thing you loved doing as a kid that makes you want to go back to being a kid again just so you could do it again
Hmm. I loved playing make-believe and that sort of thing when I was little. Now that I’m older, I’d get funny looks if I did that now. It would be pretty sweet to pretend to be a dinosaur in a park or something again.

3. If there was one thing you could change about your life in the present, What would it be?
I’d love to be a lot more stable, with everything. My life is going through several major changes, and I can’t wait until everything is settled down and as normal as it gets.

4. Its Saturday morning and you are ??
I am getting up, chugging coffee, and driving Matt to the synagogue for Shabbat services.

5. what is the biggest thing that makes you look forward to having (adopting) a kid ?
Wah, kid! I can’t wait to have a little ruffian running around the house. I’ve always wanted kids, and just finally having a child to raise is going to be an absolutely divine experience.

6. What made you decide Matt was the One?
Matthew is the most caring person in the world. He’s very accepting and loving and kind. He has his faults, some of them worse than others, but for the most part he’s very considerate and amazing to me. He’s been through so much with me: we’ve survived his divorce, my drug addiction, our vastly different families, and now some really dramatic changes to our lives. I trust Matt with my life. He really is the roots that hold me in place.

7. Whats the most public place you ever had sex?
Matt’s parents’ house! That place turns into a zoo during Hanukkah and Passover and that sort of thing. We cram in there with ten adults, a toddler, a baby, and then extended family. His mother also has no idea of an innovation called “knocking”.

8. What qualitie(s) do you value most in people ?
Kindness. I also love people who are very passionate about silly things, like stamp collections or ocean tides or English grammar.

9. If you could go back and Change one thing in your life, What would it be?
When I was fifteen, my best friend (the very first friend I made in Canada) died of bone cancer. I would love to have had her with me throughout the rest of my life. She was really my pillar of strength up to that point, and a whole lot went wrong after she died.

I0. What is your Favorite Super hero? Why?
Batman. He’s the most realistic superhero to me, because he’s really depressed. Not that depression = realism, I just find him more believable. Also, in one of the shows, Robin gets shot in the leg. And everyone is shocked that the duo might be split up! But Batman kneels down next to him and says, “All you need is some hot water, some blankets… and plenty of Batcillin”, and he taps Robin’s chest. I smirk everytime. It can’t even be called subtext. That gayness is highlighted.

II. Do youhave sisters/brothers? how old?
I have one sister, sixteen months older than me. Her name is Paige. She lives in Bangalore, India. She’s absolutely amazing, but I haven’t really talked much with her recently. It’s sad that distance can do that.

I2. Do you prefer a good movie or a good book?
Depends on my mood, but in general I would say I prefer a book.

I3. If they made a movie of your Life, Who would play the main Characters?
I’d play myself of course! I’d have to get a very appropriately attractive actor to play Matt. Someone awesome like Sir Ian McKellen would play my dad.

I4. What would be the Title ?
“Laide”. I met Matt at a bar with that title. They projected vintage porn on the walls, and it’s a pun (laide, as in “I got laid”, and 'laide, as in Adelaide, the street it’s on). And it makes it sound like it would be a sexy movie, and my life is very sexy.

I5. If you could run any type of store you wanted, what kind would it be and why
An art supplies store or something similar. I may as well do something with my degree.

I6. Strandad on a deserted Island, what 2 people are with you?
My husband, and my father. They are the two men that I admire most. Matt would also be reasonable enough to find a way off the island, and my dad would keep me amused int he meantime.

I7. Describe yourself in one Sentance?
Very confused, but getting so much better.

I8. Whats the best gift you have ever recieved?
I’m tempted to say the much-loved Fape sweater that Matt got me for my birthday this year, but I’m going to say that my dad paying for the entirety of my tuition is the best gift. He helped me get out of that house, and never asked for anything in return.

I9. One thing you wish people Understood about you better?
So many things. I wish that people would accept and understand me the way I am, without constantly filling in the blanks and making assumptions.

20. What do you Feel is the greatest Flaw in society as a general?
People make too many assumptions!

2I. What do you think is the Worst part of your personality? what is the best?
On the worst side, I can be very passive agressive. I’m not usually nasty to a person’s face, but I’ll find ways to get back at them. For the best part of my personality, I think I’m a very loving person. Once you’ve earned my trust and love, it’s very hard for me to feel otherwise.

Thank you LE, as always your Beautiful :smiley:

Great answers Lel. It seems like you’re…

…pretty normal!!:slight_smile:

A great interview with some great and honest answers!:slight_smile:

lel… just awesome …:slight_smile:

Silent, thanks for doing these. They’re fun and interesting!

Thanks everyone. :tongue:

To me a superhero needs super powers. Batman is just a rich guy with toys. Hero yes, superhero no!

i really like these interviews, it gives us the chance to know answers to questions of other members that we would never think of asking. Good interview Le.

awsome le…glad to hear all of your answers love hugs

His mother also has no idea of an innovation called “knocking”.

Is this from the same story you told us? lol

When did you move to Canada? How did you and Matt get introduced? Along with how did you know Matt was the one, when did you know he was the one?

i love these things!! this was a really great idea silent!

[quote=“TheOriginalJames, post: 319337”]Is this from the same story you told us? lol

When did you move to Canada? How did you and Matt get introduced? Along with how did you know Matt was the one, when did you know he was the one?[/quote]

Haha, yeah, that would be from that story.

I moved to Canada from Norway in the late eighties. I was five turning six, or already six. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was winter, so around my birthday.

Matt and I met at a bar in Toronto. We just started talking, and it turned out he’d spent time at the college I was attending. So we hit it off, exchanged numbers, and promised to eat lunch together sometime.

When? Hm. August 20th, 2002. He finally (and officially) kicked his wife out of the picture. It only took him forever. Haha