A Word about: TheOriginalJames

So here is the First… I will be sending Questions to all Members… So please just be Patient.

I. If you could have starred in any Movie, What movie would it be?

Wow. I really don’t know, I suck at singing, acting, and pretty much anything else that requires some sort of talent. haha

  1. Do you have brothers/sisters? What are their ages?

Yes, Jeremy will be 29 this year in August (the day after my birthday) and Jennifer will be 28 this year in November.

  1. Ever sought Revenge on someone? If yes, Why?

Actually, I’ve thought about it with several people, but never have. I tend to let things go. I really do wish that when Jordan Palmer decided to pinch and twist me on my back in 7th grade that I took my Social studies book and tagged him over his head several times until I either knocked him out or made him bleed profusely. Ok, that’s technically a grudge, but my 7th grade year being 95 pounds was very hellish for me.

  1. Describe for us your deepest Sexual fantasy?

Sex really isn’t a big part of my life by choice, so I really don’t think about it all that much. (sounds odd coming from a single 24 year old male, doesn’t it? Ever notice I’m rarely talking about anything to do with sex in the underground?)

But to have sex with the woman I describe in question #5 would suit my fantasies perfectly.

  1. How would you describe your perfect life partner?

Someone who will give me the attention I want, will be there for me, will make me look like an ass sometimes when we’re joking around but will know when my breaking point is coming up and will stop. I want someone that can make me mad, make me laugh, make me cry, someone who will understand my personality, and someone whom I’m important to.

Someone who will just be there to listen and want to spend time with me. I hate having to always initiate contact. Anyone who could do that for me would get it in return 10 fold.

  1. What is your Favorite Physical attribute of the oppisite Sex? ( where do your eyes always wander to)

I enjoy long straight hair (no matter what color) and richly colored eyes that you can get lost in. But more prominently, I enjoy a good set of legs, muscley but toned.

  1. Describe your Fondest childhood memory?

The trip we took to Cleveland to see an Indians game when I was probably 6-8 years old. We got to watch the Indians lose to the Mariners and a few rowdy fans thrown out of the game, but it was fun none the less. I was one seat too far from the field to catch a foulball. Afterward we took a ferry ride down the Cuyahoga River and out into the bay on Lake Erie.

  1. Who is your Closest Friend?

I have very few friends, and they are all close. Greg has helped me so much, Mark and I have been close because we grew up and were both into the same things. Matt, my exroommate, is a great guy as well. Brian (BDN) has helped me and listened to me the most in the shortest amount of time.

  1. What makes them your Closest Friend ?

It’s hard to pick one friend to be the closest because they’re all great in their own ways.

I0. What was you favorite Pet?

I grew up with a small black cat named Blackjack. We got him when he was just a few weeks old and he lived to be 18-19. One of my earliest memories was when we brought him home and our other cat, Colorado, became queen and bossed him around. It was funny watching her slap him upside the head when he got too close to her.

I had to break it off into two PMs. 5000 character limit.

II. DO you Find yourself to be more Like your Mother or your Father?

Depends on which attribute I talk about. I’m more decisive and pushy at some times, and I smoke, drink, and curse like my father.

I’m usually calm and collected like my mother, rarely letting inconveniences get to me. My mother is a very religious woman and I just can’t get into that, but I’ve always been closer to my mom than my dad.

I2. Using one sentence… Describe yourself?

I’m a laid back guy who sometimes lets my temper get the best of my common sense.

I3. You have the power to bring back one television Show, What show do you bring back?

Married with Children was one of my alltime favorite shows. It ran from April of 87 through June of 97; one of Fox’s longest running sitcoms. I wouldn’t go to bed at night until I watched the show, and it came on at 10 pm.

I4. Who is your Favorite Actor and Actress?

I’ve always enjoyed any movie with Harrison Ford, or Bruce Willis.

I5. Your Strandad on a deserted Island with 3 other people, Who are they?

I’ll answer this two ways because I can interpret it two ways.

From OTz; Veronica, Kevin and Boomer.
People I know; Mark, Greg and Brian.

I6. Who is the first girl you ever kissed?

The daughter of a friend of my fathers, she had bright red lipstick on and I kissed her on my front porch during one of the old school parties my dad always threw. If I remember right, her name was Monica. (not lewinsky…)

First time I frenched a girl was Amber N. We were good friends through most of high school, but when she decided she had ‘feelings’ for me, she ran off and married the guy who treated her like shit. I haven’t talked to her for 5 years.

I7. What do you think is the best part of your personality?

I’m really a caring type of guy. I will be there to listen to you and I’ll try to offer any advice you ask for.

I8. What do you think is the Worst part of your personality?

Sometimes I go over the edge and I’m too blunt. Plus that pesky stubbornness, etc.

I9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

My inability to gain any weight. I hate being told I should gain weight and I just wish I could. Of course this goes back to diet and exercise as well.

  1. You have said that you have always wanted to runa dn own a convience store, Why?

It just sounds like fun. It’d be something I could set prices, own my own place and do as I want while having fun with the employees.

2I. What in your opinion Is a persons biggest misconception that they have about you?

They think I’m rude, condescending and really pushy. I can be but I come on here with the hopes of having fun, when things don’t go my way (which they rarely EVER do), I get frustrated and take things too far. All I want is to be listened to sometimes.

interesting. I can’t wait til mine comes!

Very interesting, a good questionairre and great answers.:slight_smile:

Very interesting… This was really a good idea.

Thats why i jumped at it and asked to be first. I think this is an excellent Idea… in fact Silent needs some rep for this.

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I think a good addition to this would be if anyone else has some interesting questions they could ask in the persons “bio” thread. (you will start a new thread for everyone right Silent?)

Most of those questions made me think, I’m pretty much an open book. I love answering stuff. :slight_smile:

Yep… Each person will have thier Own thread…

Im going to do them about a week or so apart so each person gets their time of Glory :smiley:

And I agree, Part of the Plan here is to open it up for people to Ask questions and To get a better knowledge and understanding of each other…

for the new members who dont always know, and the old members who have just always Wondered.

So go for it people… This Is A word about James… Ask away

great questionaire silent :slight_smile: and great answers james…especially gotta love the married with children as being your favorite sitcom :tongue:

Great questions and great answers. Man I can’t wait to get my questionairre.

Good to get to know Jamesy Pie a bit better. nodz

Those were pretty interesting. Some good questions with some good answers. Cant wait until my turn! :slight_smile:

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