Addictions are diseases


Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addictions are not flaws in character, they are diseases. People living with addictions need help, not your judgment or condemnation.


I could see why people with alcoholic/drug problems need help and could be considered ill since these things can actually affect your body chemically. But gambling/shoplifting addictions are just poor lifestyle choices and people in that position need to help themselves and not wait for others to help them.


I completely agree. I don’t have an addiction with drugs and all of that stuff, but I do have a major soda addiction. I drink around 5 cans of soda a day, and it really is hard to quit even that. I do agree that people should not judge people. My mom is an alcoholic, and my family has tried everything to help her. You can help people with that problem, but in the end, it is their choice.


Actually, gambling and shoplifting also affects the body chemically. Namely you get a high off of the act. That’s your brain affecting your body chemically.


Addiction(s) aren’t diseases. Though I must admit it could be a good excuse for someone to engage in activities that aren’t good for them. Most of these addictions can be overcome without taking medications of any sort, counseling, etc. It’s all the negative mindset [it’s hard to stop] that makes giving up an addiction difficult.


I would call it a disorder rather than a disease. I think some people are born with an addictive personality. It could be hereditary because alcoholics and gamblers often run in families.

It’s also true that people get a high from their addictions: smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling all give a “hit” to the addict.

Some addicts are unable to give up, even when they are going to die if they do not. Counselling does not always work and those who do give up are always in danger of returning to their addiction after one cigarette, one little drink or one small bet.


i dont agree with you,it’s not a family thing,but environment most times influence addiction.


I feel that the word “disorder” would be more appropriate rather than the word “disease”. There is a certain degree to which a certain act will be considered an addiction and no longer a lifestyle. It certainly would seem that an act or activity would be an addiction if you no longer have control over it or if it is already taking over your life. I also agree that addiction is no longer an issue of character.


Using or abusing drugs is a choice, True addiction is a disease; when someone feels he or she can’t live without their particular substance.

When a guy enjoys getting drunk on weekends with his buddies, that’s alcohol abuse. When he can’t get up in the morning without taking a drink, that’s addiction.

The only drug I use habitually is caffeine. It’s a pretty mild thing, but I honestly believe I’m dependent (addicted). I literally get sick if I go without coffee for a day. That is the process of my body facing withdrawal from caffeine.


I think whether or not you call addictions diseases, people should still try and help them rather than condem the adict as a person (the actions themselves of a gambler/drug addict should be discouraged however) , because that’s often just rather arrogant and doesn’t do anyone any good at all


I think addiction itself is no cause for condemnation. When it affects others however, I don’t think it should be treated as an illness.

The fact of the matter is if you don’t take, say, heroin even once, it is impossible to become addicted to it. I’ve struggled with addiction the past few years and it is not genetic, it is not bad luck. I knowingly engaged in problematic behaviour and am paying the price for it.

I don’t think it should be treated as an illness, but I think if it doesn’t affect anybody than it is nobodies business in he first place whether or not you are an addict.


Well, they’re not literally diseases but they sure d resemble them in many ways and you could metaphorically say that they definitely are diseases. People want to get rid of them but they can’t. That’s why we should spend more helping them rather than prosecuting them.


Funny, I was just watching this episode of strange addictions where this couldn’t stop eating glass and this girl couldn’t stop drinking gasoline. I mean these are some serious addictions that people really need to get help with. Drugs have the same affects and as someone who used to drink a lot of Alcohol I can tell you that it really does have life changing things that happen with friends and family, I just didn’t realize what I was doing was a bad thing. The first step is just to accept you have a problem and then after that it get’s easier and easier, I am currently a year and a half sober right now and it feels great.


True, we should also ask for the reason someone, became an addict before judging. It’s easy to say that someone is a junkie, when you had a lot of things he never had in life. Sometimes this isn’t the case, though.

I don’t like the treatment for drug addicts, they take away one drug and treat them with another Methadone.


Addictions are most certainly diseases and science has determined that the brain waves of alcoholics, addicts, etc. are very much different than those of non addicts. Compassion and not judging can go a long way towards understanding what addiction is all about.


When it comes to addictions I really have no understanding or solutions to offer people. The fact that it’s an addiction really goes to say that someone is in the hopeless situation. They cannot help themselves and if they could they would not be where they are. And so for me I think that the only way around an addiction is somebody who is been that can show you the way out. I would say that they know and understand exactly what you been going through and would be able to direct you in some sort of way forward


On one hand yes these are diseases and these people need help. However, with that said, obesity can also be seen as a disease. However the similarity with all these diseases is that these people bring it upon themselves.

While drug addiction is a disease it is your own choice to do drugs in the first place - no one else’s - just yours. Did you plan on getting addicted, probably not, but you chose to try illegal drugs in the fist place and that is your own fault and you should be punished accordingly.

I personally think that it is not the government’s responsibility or anyone else’s to pay for these people to get treatment - it is their own responsibility. The only responsibility of the government is to pay for and try and keep drugs from entering the country in the first place.


I believe that everything can be addictive. The fact is, we only see the dangerous addictions and we ignore our own addictions.

So, addictions are not diseases. Addictions are a part of life and nature.

It only becomes a disease when it can threaten a life. Whether it’s others or your own.


I see what your saying. It can be considered a disease as their bodies are used to the amount of dopamine released from doing activities that they are addicted to. The more they do it the more their bodies need them to do it and it’s a cycle. It’s a horrible thing and as you said, many people really need to look for help and stop what’s making their lives worse.