is it bad???what can it do?


Block it and yes it is bad.


It is bad and it can kill you :dunno


Its like spyware.


what the hell is spyware


Its where they spy on what you look at and where you go.


and how do you block that shit/get rid of it


Webroot spy sweeper


ok cool


Hope it helps you


me 2


Re: RE: addware?

Really, the best way to block all of that shit is to get a physical firewall with a virtual fire wall in its ram drive. ie: a switch or router between you and the DSL line or fibre/san line connection.


I have no idea what u just said


Re: RE: addware?

Okay… just get the werebot spysweeper software.


Re: RE: addware?

Okay… just get the werebot spysweeper software.[/quote]



If you’re running Windows, Microsoft Antispyware is best for it, right now. Microsoft knows how their programs are supposed to work and can tell if something’s wrong with 'em. But all the programs say the beta expires July 31st, at which point they’ll probably make people pay for it, which sucks. But try it out. It’s worked really well for me.


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That’s the one I have. The beta program. It’s great!


go to

search for spybot s&d

download spybot s&d (its free)

run s s&d every weekend or so


Re: RE: addware?

i dont use it, in fact, i dont use anti virus software


ok thanks guys any input is good cause I’m computer stupid