Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action, or employment equity if you live in Canadaland, is a policy of favoring members of minority groups on a basis that they are inherently disadvantaged due to being a member of said minority group. These groups are typically considered disadvantaged for historical reasons.

What do you think about Affirmative Action programs?

Personally I am waiting on scientific studies analyzing systematic subconscious racism and/or discrimination. If there is a scientific basis to conclude that minorities due suffer from subconscious discrimination, I think there would be grounds for affirmative action policy.

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No one should be discriminated against. Not even once advantaged people.

Nopedy nope nope.

Can you do a little better than that?

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Im ok with giving more resources to disadvantaged people or disadvantaged areas, but I am not ok with taking away hard earned results from those who legitimately earned it , given to someone who came from a disadvantaged background, or forcing organizations to hire someone effectively based on their race rather then their merit, its state sanctioned racism effectively, you can justify it saying that its “leveling the playing field”, but don’t deny that its anti meritocratic and it is inherently racist.


I thinks it’s wrong to deliberately discriminate against people, despite backgrounds and social contexts.

I also don’t think it addresses the problem, it’s just trying to put a plaster on a broken leg. Education reform, along with a whole host of economic reforms would be more useful.

so do you think instead that tax benefits or straight cash be given directly to disadvantaged people, or in the case of resources, do you think it’s okay if more be given to areas filled with “disadvantaged people”, or be given to disadvantaged areas?

Affirmative action needs to be scrapped. Success should be determined in merit and an actual qualifications, not race, sex, etc. It’s stupid to say no to a white person when trying to get into a school because of “muh diversity”. Or vice versa.

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Areas that are well established will continue to be well established so long as , there is a decent community structure, families are stable or semi stable (family instability has gone up for all groups over the past few years) and the parents are financially secure, biasing resources, especially with regards to education is not going to severe or even moderately impact the well established and structured areas, as opposed to yanking a hard earned reward from an individual or potentially reducing an organizations productivity. Resources should be targeted at dealing with the structural causes of poverty , this is different in each case, historically it was oppression in the states but today its caused by lack of fathers being in the homes of children. I think the rate is over 70% for most American cities for the african american’s , which is terrifyingly high.

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It is horseshit.

Who is disadvantaged should not be decided based on group averages but based on how disadvantaged that individual actually is.

A person should not be given any advantages or disadvantages based just on the colour of their skin.


Why replace meritocracy with discrimination?

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It’s one of largest waste of collective resources and blatant affronts to any sensible idea of equity that Western society has to offer, and entirely originating out of delusional attempts to re-engineer society to look like a kindergarten painting of everyone on the globe holding hands- efforts that are at the heart of many of the rising social tensions today. You have dirt poor whites living in trailer homes who are being called privileged because they “don’t have to deal with racism” despite being one of the most widely accepted targets of mockery in the entire country (the “stupid inbred redneck racist hillbillies”) passed over in favor of throwing academic resources, job positions, etc to some of the most chronically ill-performing groups on the planet (blacks). And by all observations it appears to be out of some truly irrational borderline-religious sentiments of collective racial guilt and ideas of racial original sin that can only be atoned for by ensuring “people of color” as races (not as individuals) are elevated to parity or above whites regardless of how much meritocratic standards suffer.

Not only is it stupid and a waste of everyone’s time giving admissions out to people who are more likely to fail instead of, say, lowering the fucking sky-high cost of college in general, but doing it based on racial identity goes against the entire spirit of individualism and equality.


Affirmative Action is racism with a nice coat of paint.


“Affirmative action is representative of a new form of discrimination, where the effort to provide equal opportunities to minorities has crossed the border from necessary and sufficient to simply hypocritical. In an attempt to compensate for historical discriminatory practices, our well-intentioned institutions and social engineers have simply swung the pendulum back over and slapped a new name on it.”

I know a white guy who, years ago, applied for a job that he really wanted, but didn’t get it because of affirmative action.

Years later, he’s still irritated about it.

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the rich can be taxed more and the minority grouped taxed less
but taxation MUST and SHOULD be based on income

but complete affirmative action without considering the other classes is wrong